2019-2020 Share Our Plate Nominations

Below are listed the 2019-2020 SHARE OUR PLATE nominations that we will vote on at the June 1st meeting:


BOULDER COUNTY AIDS PROJECT (BCAP) – support, advocacy and education in our community with those living or affected with Aids


BOULDER ENSEMBLE THEATRE (BETC) – presents theatrical stories that inspire our audiences and our community


CULTIVATE (formerly CareConnect), provides safety net services to seniors (60+ years) and adults with disabilities with emergency cards, grocery shopping, handyman services, medical appointment transportation


ECO-CYCLE– educational programs, recycle, compost, re-use, sustainable resource management, zero waste-submitted by Climate Action Ministry


ENDANGERED SPECIES COALITION – stop the human caused extinction of our nation’s at risk species, protect and restore their habitat, guide these fragile populations along the road to recovery through grassroots mobilization, education and hands-on projects


GROWING GARDENS (Vegetable Gardening Group)-strong commitment to social justice and education around food and sustainability,. Cultivate Youth Project, Children’s Peace Garden, community classes in agriculture therapy for seniors and people with disabilities. Increasing access to fresh food, garden education. Plant starts and seeds for low income community members.


INTERFAITH NETWORK ON MENTAL ILLNESS (IMMI) – dedicating to increasing awareness and understanding of mental illness among clergy and members of the faith community. Helping ┬áthem to more effectively develop and nurture supportive environments for persons dealing with mental illness along with their family and friends


MEALS ON WHEELS – delivering nutritious meals to Boulder residents who need and want our services regardless of age or income


OUT BOULDER – mission to educate, advocate and provide services, programs and support for Boulder’s LGBTQ communities. Serves as a model of equality, respect and well being for this community…Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer


PLANNED PARENTHOOD – providing high quality health care with or without insurance


SAFEHOUSE PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE (SPAN) Boulder’s local organization for people affected by domestic violence; providing outreach, emergency and long term housing as well as education