Faith Formation Focus: The Wisdom of Balance

“What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? You have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. ”  Mark Twain

If there is one concept I truly love in this world it is the wisdom of balance. Why? Because balance is so often the answer in a world of so many questions.  It seems like whenever my husband and I get into really deep conversations about how to best navigate this crazy world we arrive back at the wisdom of balance (and how nice it feels to arrive somewhere and find some direction for going  forward!)   If you do anything to the extreme, even giving of yourself, it becomes unhealthy.  Balance is a universal truth and its importance comes up time and time again, in human relations, in the fragile balance of the ecosystem, in all aspects of life.

It is easy to feel out of balance in this day and age. As technology accelerates many of us feel an urgent need to slow down. Pico Lyer writes about one seductive solution that I believe many UUs could happily get on board with. He calls it observing a “secular sabbath” where for 24 hours you unplug your smartphones,  computers, even  the T.V – so you can give yourself the gift of living life where you are at – in real time.  He reports, “When I turn off my smartphone for a full day or more, I experience time differently. I’m more likely to come face to face with it  in the real world – in sunrise and sunset, in the people I encounter, in the ground beneath my feet. This is what I call ‘soul time,’ an expansiveness that is playful, imaginative, and curious, the kind of time that feeds the soul.”

Soul Matters asks us all “When was the last time you stepped off the grid of 24/7 timekeeping, and what did you experience when you did? Did you step off long enough to recover your own rhythm and to feed your soul? Imagine you have been given (or you have taken!) a day of spaciousness like that – no commitments or responsibilities, no work, no phone, no texts or email or social media. What will you do with it? What might begin to stir in your heart? How might your soul respond?

On April 17th we are hosting the following presentation for UUCB and our community.  Save the date and invite your friends! It will be a wonderful informative couple of hours and even if your own kids are raised and gone you can share these insights with the next generation.  

Raising Balanced Kids in The Digital Age

How to raise grounded and self-aware children within the distractions and disruptions of the internet and digital media

…without power struggles

In this incredible 2-hour presentation Michael Vladeck will teach you how to parent in a way that will bring your children back into a place of balance and personal connection in the face of social media, gaming, and the countless disruptive exposures from the internet and technology. He will give you a science-based understanding of the actual impacts that excessive exposure to digital media can create. You will leave with very concise strategies and resources to support you in creating balance with cell phones, computers, and other digital devices