Changes to UUCB Staff – Update

March 16, 2018


Dear UUCB congregation and friends,

We have an update on staffing for Religious Education. As you know from the letter sent on March 2, we are hiring an Interim Director of Religious Education to start July 1, 2018. An Interim DRE is a specific role defined by the UUA to help us evaluate our current programs, build on the best of what we already have, and imagine, design, and implement a vision of Religious Education and Family Ministries that meets 21st-century families’ needs. We are looking for someone with experience leading a reflective, experimental period focused on developing our new offerings and conducting the organizational change in order to implement them.  The UUA recommends having an Interim for one or two years to do this visioning and change work.

We had hoped that Janen Wright would stay through June, but we accept her decision to leave right away upon being informed of the upcoming change. In order to fill her role between now and the arrival of the Interim, we have hired two people: Ellen Saunders Duncan and Katie Covey.

Ellen will work 15 hours per week to:

  • Provide Sunday morning supervision of the children and youth religious education program.
    • Sunday coordinator /fill in teacher/ snack provider/2nd leader in hallway
  • Recruit Family Greeters for at least one week/month, working with Membership Coordinator
  • Hold RE Ministry Team Meetings (monthly)
  • Lead teacher appreciation event
  • Organize Full RE Activity Days – alternate months
  • Attend meetings to represent RE program, ex: workshops and task force meetings related to church when necessary ex: membership, full church, justice etc,
  • Meet weekly with minister
  • Attend staff meetings monthly
  • Supervise (and if needed hire) the paid Nursery Caregivers
  • Organize summer program
  • Recruit, coach and train all lay volunteers for the Fall program which will start September 9, 2018.
  • Support Youth Coordinator (Justin Biegger who will be here through June 15) as necessary

Because Ellen is only available 15 hours per week, and the Director of Religious Education role has been 30 hours per week, we have hired Katie Covey to serve as Curriculum Consultant. She will select and prepare curriculum for our Fall 2018 program. Because of her deep experience (see below), she can make some recommendations right away as to how to best support our children, youth and teachers. You may wonder, “Why can’t Katie be our Interim DRE?”  Good question, and one that we asked Katie. Darn, she is not available for that role.

We are already working on the selection of the Interim DRE who will start this summer. We have received applications, and a hiring team is assembled. Interviews begin in early April.


More on Ellen and Katie:

Ellen Saunders Duncan was already on the UUCB staff as the Campus Ministry Coordinator for our University of Colorado student ministry. She knows our community, volunteers and operational systems. She is also on staff at Boulder Valley UU Fellowship as the Youth Coordinator there. Ellen was raised UU, has first hand experience with a variety of  UU RE programs, is steeped in anti-racism and intercultural competency, and committed to our children and youth.

Katie has served as a religious educator since 1984, most recently at Boulder Valley UU Fellowship. She is currently the Religious Resources Coordinator for Soul Matters, the national theme-based program we use here at UUCB.  She is a curriculum author for Tapestry of Faith as well as self-published works. She is the author of a book called “Full Circle; Growing Lifelong UU’s” published by the UUA.

We hope our updates keep you in the loop as we continue to live our church mission.


UUCB Personnel Committee – Cathy Edwards, Patty Lydic and Vince Orlando

Rev. Kelly Dignan