Playground Chalice Green Sanctuary

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder has obtained a Green Sanctuary certification from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our Climate Action Ministry leads us in this effort.

We live with a deep awareness of our climate crisis and the environmental injustices of our time. Our Action Plan commits to four practices, grounded in Unitarian Universalist principles.

1. Worship and Celebration

As we work together toward a world in which the climate crisis is solved, worship inspires our work and reminds us of what is most sacred and most true.

2. Religious Education

Our classes and programs for all ages shape attitudes and build practices that are sustainable and spiritually grounded.

3. Environmental Justice

We consider climate change to be the pre-eminent environmental justice issue, one which will impact subsequent generations. We partner with a national organization working to establish changes in law that will have lasting benefits for future generations. We also partner with a local group working to provide better access to sustainable food resources.

4. Sustainable Living

We commit to using fewer resources and being mindful of the choices we make, both as a congregation and as households. We have installed solar panels and made other energy saving updates to our church building.

Join us in these practices to transform ourselves and the world!