I first discovered Unitarian Universalism in 1988 when I attended a program in Boulder detailing sanctuary being offered by UUs to refugees and their families from Nicaragua.  (more…)

Mary and Sue

We met in 1992 and we traveled around the country for our work for two and a half years. We made sure to seek out the local UU church in whatever new town we were living in. (more…)

Gen and Jason

We met in 2010, shortly after Gen moved to Boulder. Jason had been attending the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder occasionally for a few years. (more…)


I love nature. Most of my limited free time is spent fishing and backpacking. This connection to nature has led me to volunteer for many environmental organizations over the years. (more…)


I grew up a Unitarian Universalist, and when I moved to Boulder in 2009 I was looking for a church community to join. I have always felt a strong spiritual connection to social justice work. (more…)