Accountability Groups

In an effort to develop a new framework of anti-oppression training and multicultural competency at UUCB, we are working on a multi-layered approach that will be guided by the UUA Commission on Institutional Change’s report; Widening the Circle of Concern

One new addition is Accountability Groups. This planning began in partnership with some of the BIPOC at UUCB, and we are exploring separating out participants who identify as white in distinct groups. This is not intended to create even more white-centered spaces, rather follow the models of caucusing presented at the UUA’s General Assembly. 

These groups will emphasize, as recommended by the report, “covenant and commitment, not comfort.” While our vision for the groups is still developing, some ideas include:

  • Check in- where and how are you noticing white supremacy culture and oppression? 
  • Check your privilege- awareness of our privileges and impact
  • Sharing resources- this is not a book club, but could be a place to discuss and be inspired by reliable resources
  • Questions- a place to ask questions and do deep, active listening and to seek answers from BIPOC resources

There would be no curriculum, rather it would be an intentional space to be honest, authentic, and challenged. Each group would be formed based on a self-assessment which would allow groups to serve people where they are. If you are interested in participating please sign up: