Act Now! An Important Message from Allianza Americas – A Blog Post by Beth Elliot


The next couple of days through August 13, are very important to influence all Senators to bring to the floor a bill that continues to bring economic relief to all workers and their families, and to demand protections for DACA and TPS holders.  We need your individual voice and our collective power as members of Alianza Americas to ensure that Congress votes to support our communities in the upcoming COVID-19 relief bill. Alianza is targeting two key senators at this moment: Senator Gardner (R) from Colorado and Senator Tillis (R) from North Carolina who are very influential in the process to ensure that immigrant communities are not excluded from protection. 

 What are we asking Senator Gardner and Tillis to do?

 Get on the right side of history:

  1.   Don’t punish US citizen children and spouses in mixed status families – ensure protection!
  2.   Testing and access to health care for ALL
  3.   Extend DACA and TPS
  4.   No funding for ICE/CBP

What are we asking Alianza Americas members and our allies to do?

  1.   Use the week of action toolkit, available in English and Spanish
  2.   Call Gardner and Tillis
  3.   Tweet and share in social media
  4.   Tag @alianzaamericas @SenCoryGardner and @SenThomTillis




Goal: insist that Congress does have the power to legislate to immediately protect against deportation and extend work permits for TPS and DACA recipients.

Actions:  calls and tweets targeting Senators Tillis y Gardner

Today’s call-in message: My name is ___________ I am (mention your organization or faith institution) this message is for Senator _____________; I ask you to use your leadership to legislate to protect TPS and DACA holders now! they are our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones. There are several bills waiting in Congress to protect TPS and DACA recipients, I ask you to bring to the Senate floor HR.6, the SECURE Act or the HEROES Act, do your part now! At any moment, a decision from a federal appeals court could end protections for tens of thousands of long-term TPS holders and the DACA program is being dismantled putting in danger thousands of DACA-recipients. Thank you.

Numbers to call:

Senator Gardner DC office (202) 224-5941 District office 303-391-5777

Senator Tillis DC office (202) 224-6342 District office a 704-509-9087

Sample tweets for DAY ONE:

Tweets for Tillis:

.@SenThomTillis North Carolina has more than 64k TPS and DACA recipients. Stand on the right side of history. Extend EAD and immigration relief. #HeroesActNow #ImmigrantsAreEssential.

.@SenThomTillis there are 11,500 North Carolinians who are TPS and DACA holders working in essential sectors like food, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Pass the #HeroesAct, protect them now! #ImmigrantsAreEssential.

Tweets for Gardner:

.@SenCoryGardner Colorado has more than 34k TPS and DACA recipients. Stand on the right side of history. Extend EAD and immigration relief. #HeroesActNow #ImmigrantsAreEssential.

.@SenCoryGardner there are 4,300 essential workers who are TPS and DACA holders in Colorado. Pass the #HeroesAct, protect them now! #ImmigrantsAreEssential.

Questions or comments contact Mony and/or Yanira

Here is a link to this toolkit on our website as well: