“We are More alike, my friend, than we are unalike, we are More alike, my friend, than we are unalike”

If you watched the Olympics, I dare say, you are familiar with these words – played in prime time coverage of the games. What beautiful words and why is this news to us? Of course we are more alike, right? We are all human. One has to sit back and wonder why we build these constructs, put up these barriers that create such a Them versus Us mentality. My husband once noted to me that if the world ended and you thought you were the last person on earth, nothing would bring more joy to you as a human being than to come across any other living human being – of any nationality, religion or political view. You would immediately key in on their alikeness to yourself and be comforted by it. Coming upon any other species of animal wouldn’t be the same thing.

And yet sometimes we do need to be reminded that we are more alike. For example, it was fun to watch the news and see men in turbans on the other side of the world playing Pokémon Go just like so many Americans who have come out of their homes for this pastime. Likewise, I am reminded of a psychologist, who was asked to be the counselor to a group of young women who had come to the states on a boat, refugees of some horrible war. (I can’t remember which.) This psychologist was terrified that she would not know how to relate to these girls who had witnessed and been part of such brutality and devastation of their home country. When she met them her surprise was great to hear that their talk revolved around things like whether or not one girl had a chance of attracting the cousin of her best friend who had helped bring them over and how cute some of the American soldiers were.

That we are more alike than different is a message that we want to instill in our kids this year as we study World Religions and our own religion in light of these. We are starting it all off with a Super R.E. Olympic Night. On Saturday September 10th please come and bring your family, if you have one, to the church at 5:00 to make a flag, run the torch, and learn anthems of other countries. Everyone is invited to join us. This night we will also have an International Food potluck so please bring a dish to share (RE will supply beverages and fried chicken) and be ready to play or watch some family-friendly competition, catch up with your friends and meet new families that have joined us this summer. The Olympics were created by nations that agreed to put down weapons and compete with their best athletes. It is inspiring to see such effort and talent play out. Let’s unite this year to use our combined effort and talent to make a wonderful program for our UUCB kids and youth.

Janen Wright,

Director of Faith Formation