#BlackLivesMatter – Complied By Beth Elliott and Laura Maguire

Before beginning the list of resources for allies, we want to acknowledge what a heartbreaking time it is for Black folks and People of Color in the UUCB community and offer resources for community and spiritual care.

Black-specific space: Black Lives of UU (especially see the pastoral resources for Black UUs)

POC space: DRUUM (especially see the chaplain contact information).

White allies who want to connect to a wider UU movement are encouraged to check out Allies for Racial Equity and the 8th Principle Project.

Center Black lives in allyship work:

10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship

  1. Understanding what optical allyship is
  2. Check in on your Black friends and family, partners, loved ones and colleagues
  3. Be prepared to do the work
  4. Read up on antiracist works
  5. Avoid sharing content which is traumatic
  6. Donate funds and support initiatives
  7. Do not center the narrative around yourself
  8. Keep supporting after the outrage
  9. Stop supporting organizations that promote hate
  10. Start your long term strategy


From Rev. Eric Posa’s 5-31-2020 sermon:

Here’s the donation site list mentioned from Eric’s friend Mark van Steenwyk, the Mennonite pastor and Christian anarchist in Minneapolis:

Here are ways you can help right now:

TODAY: Participate in the Movement for Black Lives week of action June 1-5 (endorsed by Denver Black Lives Matter chapter) by texting ActionNOW to 90975 to receive action updates.

Amplify their calls for justice. 

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Tony McDade

Justice for Shanta Singleton and her daughters.

Contact Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and demand he call off the National Guard.

  • Phone: 651-201-3400
  • Twitter: @GovTimWalz 

Contact Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and demand he call off the National Guard and push for charges for all four officers who were involved.

  • Phone: 612-673-2100
  • Twitter: @MayorFrey, @Jacob_Frey

Contact County Attorney Mike Freeman and demand he charge all four officers with murder.

  • Phone: 612-348-5550 
  • Email: citizeninfo@hennepin.us 

Call Louisville Metro Police Department to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

  • 502-574-7682

Fuel the protests and organizing by donating:

Food Justice For Frontlines: People in the area are hurting, the grocery stores in the neighborhoods are no longer open, and many people are out of work. Starting Saturday Twin Cities DSA is supplying hot food and groceries (including fresh produce purchased directly from a local farm) near the 3rd Precinct.

Twin Cities Solidarity Fund provides a direct disbursement of cash without means-testing. We are still in a pandemic and people are struggling! 

Black Visions Collective, Reclaim Our Block, CTUL are all doing critical local organizing.

Local actions:

Donate to Black Lives Matter 5280 (Denver chapter of BLM).

Get involved for the long haul through Boulder Showing Up for Racial Justice (Boulder SURJ). Fill out this form to register for a Zoom call Tuesday, June 2 and 6 PM. (You do not need to propose an agenda item to submit the form.)

Donate to street medics in Denver via Boulder SURJ.

Needs: gloves, masks, granola/energy bars, bottled water, PLAIN liquid antacid (Maalox or Mylanta type, NOT peppermint flavor)

Drop-off locations: 

Message BSURJ for drop-off information

Join the Boulder NAACP chapter (open to white allies as well as People of Color).

TONIGHT (June 1st, 2020):

Together Colorado has scheduled a call for Monday, June 1 at 6:30 pm (zoom information below) where we will convene white lay and clergy leaders to talk about how we will show up publicly. You all are invited and are encouraged to share this widely. 

Here is the framing for the evening:

The framing I would like to propose for our time together is to think about what we are going to do in the next week, few months and year. During this week, how are we being public about proclaiming our anti-racism organizing voice? How do we plan to show up differently? 

Please bring ideas and reflections to Monday’s gathering.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 927 4382 7710

Password: 018045

From the UUA Organizing Strategy Team:

Here are three concrete things all Unitarian Universalists can do right now in response to this moment:

  1. Support the uprising and commit to joining other UUs in working to combat the violence of militarism and the police state: Share this message widely with your networks. Speak about your convictions in support of Black liberation. Articulate your support of Black organizing, grounded in your Unitarian Universalist faith. Have hard conversations with your family, your social networks, your neighbors. And sign up at this link to be connected with a network of UUs committing to learning, reflecting, and acting together. 
  2. Support the front line organizers providing leadership: Give your money, ask others to give, and take up a collection at this Sunday’s service in support of organizations like Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, and Minnesota Freedom Fund.
  3. Learn more & take action: Join the Movement for Black Lives National Call in Defense of Black life today, Saturday May 30 at 1pm ET/10am PT and plug into #DefundPolice work where you live and are building.

From Take Down the Patriarchy:

  1. White Privilege doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been hard. It means your skin tone isn’t one of the things making it harder. There’s plenty of other privileges (socio-economic, male, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied) but white privilege is perhaps the most enduring throughout history.
  2. White Privilege exists as a direct result of both historic and enduring racism, biases, and practices designed to oppress People of Color.
  3. White Privilege means you actively benefit from the oppression of the POC.
    1. You are the dominant representation on all media
    2. No one questions your citizenship
    3. Products are designed for you first
    4. You don’t get harassed for existing in public locations
    5. Inherited power and wealth
    6. People at work look like you
    7. Your actions aren’t perceived as those of all your race
  4. System Racism exists at all levels of society. 
    1. The wealth gap- 90% white owned, 10% POC owned
    2. Black students are 3x more likely to be suspended
    3. Black graduates are 2x more likely to be unemployed
    4. Black Americans are 30% more likely to get pulled over
    5. Black Americans make up 40% of the prison population
    6. Black women are 4x more likely to die from childbirth
    7. Black Americans are shown 18% fewer houses
  5. What Should I Do with My White Privilege?
    1. Teach other white folks the barriers to success for POC
    2. Promise to listen to and amplify the voices of POC
    3. Be more than “not racist,” but actively anti-racist
    4. Confront racial injustices even when it’s uncomfortable
















More Resources: