All Blessings and Concerns Welcome

Each week during worship, we offer love and support to those who have concerns, and we celebrate with those who have blessings. There are several ways you can make sure your blessings and concerns are read aloud during worship.

  1. Call or email me before 5:00 on Saturday: 303-494-0195 x4 or (  Even if I am not preaching, I will ensure the correct worship leader gets the information.
  2. Write them on the paper found at the usher table just as you enter the Earth Room.  

This is not a time for announcements. 🙂


All blessings and concerns are welcome. It is important we do not create what I call “hierarchies of pain and joy” where we begin to judge that one person’s pain is more significant than another’s. Or one person’s joy is not significant enough to be shared. All are welcome. Sharing these aspects of our lives is one way we create Beloved Community.


With love,

Rev. Kelly