A Blog Post By Rev. Dana Lightsey

This past Sunday was our 4th Sunday online.  It’s hard to believe it has been three to four weeks since we all went into isolation.  This brought a huge shift in the rhythm of our lives. A lot of the stress many were feeling was the need to set up new routines.  We depend on our daily rhythms for a sense of stability. It’s one of the ways we make sense of our reality, day by by day.  


Here is a quote that has been on my mind lately, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”  This is a quote by Anaïs Nin but is also expressed in ancient texts such as the Talmud. It is easy to see ourselves as always being the same, but the truth is, we are constantly changing, shifting, and adapting.  But, it isn’t just routines that have changed. We become different people in different circumstances because we see ourselves and our world differently.


So, if you have felt like the very ground of your being has been shaken, this is why.  If you find yourself grieving the loss of how things were, this is why. If you are more anxious and edgy, I suggest this is a big part of it.  And, if you feel like you are waking up to new understandings and perspectives, this is also why. You have been thrust into a new, unexpected situation.  You have had to change, and so your perspective of the world has also changed.


This is the time of the great pause.  Our whole society has been put on hold.  For some, this means you are more busy, and for others, you have time on your hands, wondering what to do.  There is nothing like pondering life and death to focus one’s mind on one’s true beliefs, values, and priorities. This moment is an invitation to reflect on who you are and how you choose to be in your own mind and heart and in the world.  


All you see, hear, and experience is filtered through your beliefs and values.  “The world is as you are.” So, we tend to become self-fulfilling feedback loops, which can create heaven or hell.  Take this time to reflect and question the narratives in your head. Now’s the time to work with the negative nonsense that we so often torture ourselves with.  What self-talk is amping up your anxiety, fear, depression? Now is the time to rewrite those narratives to be in harmony with your beliefs and values. Now is the time to begin within.  


I look forward to Zooming with you on your spiritual journey!  Maybe we’ll meditate together or chat during my office hours, or make cookies together during A UU Moment, or enjoy an online fireside chat during Community Nights.  Whatever it is, I look forward to spending time with you as together, we dream a new world into being.