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Lifespan Faith Development by Justin Butterworth

March 20th was Spring Equinox, or the first day of Spring.  While we may still have snow for a while, we are beginning to see signs of new growth in the world around us: daffodils peaking up above the soil, and more birds singing their songs.  So to, there is an opportunity for us as conscious beings to break out of the internal reflection of Winter.  A “Spring Cleaning” might be in order, so to speak.


We may have touched into or discovered things over the Winter about ourselves that are powerful, tender, and often bring up feelings of fear.  Fear of looking into the shadowy places of our being, fear of being our true selves, or something else.


As you enter in to the upcoming season, consider facing these fears and try them on.  You have the support in this congregation, and you are worthy.  Below is a story for your reflections; may it bring you strength and courage…


Tu Fu’s Reappearance


Out of the yellow mist he came again, his Asian beard in tow.  We were on a healthy shore, and he sat cross-legged in the sand, scratching delicately with a branch, his slender head down.  I crouched and put it to him, “How do I block the fear?” He kept scratching the sand as if he hadn’t heard.  I grew angry, “How do I block the fear?!” He lifted his head and shrugged, branch waving above him, “How does a tree block the wind?” With that, he disappeared.


Fear often gets its power from not looking.  Explore something you are currently afraid to look at directly and why.


From “As Far As the Heart Can See” by Mark Nepo, ©2011 Mark NepoJustin Butterworth

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