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Lifespan Faith Development by Justin Butterworth

I think it’s about time that I reflect on the past few months in this interim position, as I am just over Justin Butterworthhalf way through my time as Lifespan Faith Development Director at UUCB.

Most every Sunday, folks seem to ask me “So how’s the job going?”  In reflection, my answers have definitely changed depending on when you asked me.  If you asked me in February, I probably answered, “I’m playing catch-up, but it’s good.”  If you asked me in March, I might have said the same thing.  Lately, I’ve been saying, “It’s great, I’m really starting to enjoy and settle into this role.”  To be honest, it feels fantastic to be able to say that.

While it has been a ‘dive-right-in’ scenario, I have found so much joy in working with our young Unitarian Universalists.  I have gathered funny and heartwarming stories from our youth that I will undoubtedly carry with me forever.  I would love to just share a few reflections I have had on my journey with them so far…

  • Our young UU’s are so very full of wisdom.  The bits of truth they offer our classes each week manages to get deep in my heart.  Let’s not forget this.
  • Our young UU’s have reminded me how important it is to live with a light-heart.  Even as a twentysomething, I often forget how to bring humor, play, and ease into my life.  I’m sure we can all use some of this.
  • Our young UU’s speak their mind.  While sometimes this might not be ideal (Parents, you might be able to speak to this), their honesty and questioning is so fresh and important in the world we have today.
  • Lastly, our young UU’s are role models.  They live, reflect, and embody the UU values.  I’m consistently blown away by how much they do this in every day interactions.  I look up to them, even if I have to look down to see them!

I cherish the work I do with our youth, and look forward to continuing in this work.

If you are interested in helping with Sunday Religious Education, UU Summer Camp, or other youth events, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  We can always use more volunteers in the classroom and elsewhere!

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