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July 2013 Worship Services

Flower Sunday 20136

July 7th   “Living Into Covenant”   Amy Rowland

July 14th “The Difficulty of Trying to Sing the Blues”    Rev. Howell Lind

July 21st  “Being Servants of Life”      Rev. Howell Lind

July 28th “Tending to the SBNR Sheep”    Rev. Howell Lind

Share-Our-Plate Thank You for May and the Year.

Share Our Plate“We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone at UUCB. Each of us felt so welcomed by your entire membership; what a warm and giving community! A total of seven people asked about volunteering. Thank you again for your support of Women’s Health; we are grateful,” said Suzy Gardner, Development Director of Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center. $2,110 was donated by UUCB members and friends in May to Women’s Health.

For our 2012–13 church year ending May 31st, Share-Our-Plate collections totaled $18,160, an average of $2,018 donated to nine local non-profit recipients by UUCB members and friends.

In summary, when we Share-Our-Plate, we give all our Sunday morning plate collections for an entire month to a selected local non-profit as part of our Social Justice ministry. Members also volunteer to help these non-profits.

Thank you for supporting our Share-Our-Plate Ministry. It has been my pleasure to organize and coordinate it these past two years. And thanks to Aaron Norris who will be the Volunteer Coordinator this coming year.

–Hilton Fitt-Peaster

Report on UUCB’s Share-Our-Plate Ministry for 2013 Church Year

Share Our PlateJuly: MDD Emergency Relief Fund for Waldo Canyon fire victims near Colorado Springs, $1,767. (5 Sundays)

September: Attention Homes, Laurie Duncan, Liaison, $2,184. (5 Sundays)

October: Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN), Mary Dineen, Liaison, $2,106. (4 Sundays)

November: Planned Parenthood, George Brandon, Liaison, $1,970. (4 Sundays)

December: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Sharon Jewell, Liaison, $2,134. (5 Sundays)

January: Clinica Family Health Services, Janet Kern, Liaison, $1,928. (4 Sundays)

February: Intercambio, David Mendosa, Liaison, $1,789 (4 Sundays)

April: TRU Community Care (fka Hospice of Boulder & Broomfield Counties, Hilton
Fitt-Peaster, Liaison. $2,172, (4 Sundays)

May: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, Carol Saunders, Liaison, $2,110,
(4 Sundays)

Total Share-Our-Plate collections through May: $18,160 (9 month average is $2,018.)

Very important: In addition to the above financial contributions, numerous UUCB members and friends have signed up to volunteer their time to these non-profits.

For our upcoming 2013–14 Church-year: our Recipient nominations are now in process. A Schedule of Procedures (instructions and timelines) for the Volunteer Coordinator have been written. Training materials for the Liaisons to each Recipient organization have been prepared. Having organized and coordinated Share-Our-Plate for two years, I (Hilton) am now stepping aside and have given these items to Aaron Norris who has agreed to serve as next year’s Volunteer Coordinator for Share-Our-Plate.

Reflections on the Journey by Rev. Howell K. Lind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJuly 1st, 2013 begins a new church program year.  I look forward to a productive and rewarding new church year.

Amy Rowland will be joining UUCB this coming year as our ministerial resident.  Amy just completed a Mountain Desert District Consulting Ministry in Carbondale, CO and, on June 5th, she graduated with her Masters of Divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology.  Even though this ministerial residency in only a half time position, Amy is eagerly looking forward to connecting up with our partner agencies in the Boulder area, helping UUCB get more involved with the organizations that we “Share Our Plate” with each month, and working with our small group ministry program.  Amy has so many skills, talents, and experience that she is bringing to this position and, with Amy as a part of our Ministry Staff Team, there is a quite a bit that we can accomplish in this year ahead.

At the beginning of June, a Religious Education Interviewing Committee met with Janen Wright and offered her the position of Boulder’s Lifespan Faith Development Director.  Janen and her family will be moving from Pocatello, Idaho to the Longmont/Firestone area in late August and Janen will begin her religious education responsibilities with UUCB come September.  Janen is also enrolled at Iliff School of Theology this coming year as she pursues a ministry of religious education degree at Iliff.  Janen is just the right person to help us grow our children’s religious education program and her commitment to family ministry should help UUCB deepen and strengthen our outreach to our young families.  Janen’s energy and eagerness to make family ministry a priority among us will add another fine element to the Ministry Staff Team in this coming year.

2013-2014 church year already has the promise to be an exciting and energizing new program year as the Church Staff Team works hand-in-hand with UUCB’s lay leadership to help the congregation achieve the objectives which the congregation set for itself.


Adding Amy and Janen as our two newest staff team members (as well as adding a new music director to the team come September) to work in partnership with me, as Boulder’s Developmental Minister, Judith King as our very able Church Office Administrator and Kay Stevens as our Hospitality Ministry Coordinator means that UUCB will have a Ministry Team that would rival any other church our size.  Being part of an outstanding team effort with the church’s lay leadership means that, together, we can accomplish so much more toward the church’s goals.

2013-2014 has all the makings of being a very fine church program year of growth and continued prosperity for UUCB.  There will be more and more opportunities for each one of you to become more involved and take on leadership roles in the coming year – a year of growth for all of us.



President’s Column July 2013

WhitneyWe’ve had a very exciting year at UUCB. Our church has had some significant accomplishments in our social justice work. Immigration Ministry continued its work and led the all church social change events for a second year. We started the climate change small group ministry. We also expanded the Share our Plate program. I’d like to thank George Brandon for encouraging the Board to embrace this program, and to Hilton Fitt-Peaster for leading the charge. Now for 8 months a year, our church gives our entire collection plate—between $1800 and $2200 each month—to a local non-profit organization, making a real difference in our community. More importantly, many of our members have found meaningful volunteer opportunities with these organizations.

Our next church year begins on July 1 and should be another exciting year. With the addition of our ministerial resident, Amy Rowland we’ll have additional support in our social justice work, making connections in our community, and enhancing small group ministries. We hope that our small group ministries engage more of our members into our social justice work, continue to deepen our faith, and help transform ourselves so that we can transform the world.  I am thrilled that the young adults will be leading our all church social change next year focusing on GLBTQ issues for the whole church.

I’m also excited for a few special projects this year as we look at our vision for building use and accommodating our growth. We are so grateful for the Endowment grants allowing us to make sound improvements in the Sky Room and making other building and grounds investments. We also plan to look into our longer term needs for audio/visual and lighting in the Earth Room.

It’s an important time for our faith development program. Thank you to Justin Butterworth for stepping into the Interim Lifespan Faith Development Director role. He helped begin the rebuilding of our children’s RE program, which will continue when Janen Wright joins our staff in September as the Lifespan Faith Development Director. Janen brings great enthusiasm and energy to this position. One on our critical goals for this coming church year is to build a vibrant family and under-18 community so that our children beg to come to church!

We’ll continue to have meaningful Sunday worship that nurtures the spiritual development of our full church and works to deepen our understanding and appreciation of our UU faith. I am pleased to announce that Mary Clough has agreed to chair the committee to bring back the All Church Retreat planned for September 2014.

The community we’ve created at UUCB is much of the reason we come to church each Sunday and do the work of the church through our ministries, committees, and volunteering. This coming year, we’ll build our families group and start new groups for other life stages to ensure that all members feel connected and a part of this community. In addition, we will continue to focus on deepening connections among our members and friends. We want UUCB to be welcoming and provide care for all of those in our congregation, from first-time visitors to our dear wise elders who helped to build our church.

As our church continues to grow in membership and staff, we will feel some growing pains. One area of focus for this church year will be looking at our personnel policies so that we provide support and guidance to all of our staff, especially as we add new staff members this church year. As a congregation, we established five-year goals in the broad areas of church community, worship, lifespan faith development, social justice, and strategic planning. As your elected leaders, your Board of Trustees and I are striving to do what’s best for our church and help us achieve those important goals.


As a covenanted religious community in shared ministry with the congregation and our ministry team, we all contribute to achieving our mission and goals. All of us have a responsibility in this shared leadership to help make the change we want to see.

Together we are creating the church that we desire.

I’d like to add a special thank you to our outgoing Board Members—George Brandon and Karen Morgan—who have provided important perspectives in our decisions, discussions, and visioning. Thank you to Caitlin Moore, who has served as Secretary to the Board for 8 years. We look forward to her continued contributions as a Board Member this year.

Finally, I want to thank Jenny Fitt-Peaster as outgoing President. Her leadership this year around the minister decision, revised goals, and staff changes brought many more voices into the discussion, and we are a better church because of it. I feel better prepared to serve as President of our congregation because of the leadership that Jenny, Howell, and I shared this year.

I thank each and every one of you for the all the things you do for our church. We are a blessed community because of you.  I look forward to a fun year!

Yours in faith,

Whitney Wheeless

Membership Matters July 2013

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: To the family of  Dr. Glenn Appelt, a former member, who died last month.  Sally and Tom Rickert as they continue to struggle with ill health.  Sally would love to hear from you.  Julie Wheeless, sister of Whitney, who had back surgery because of carrying her twin sons.  Justin Butterworth whose grandmother, Lee Slarey, was in the hospital because of severe internal bleeding.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  In May, Rev. Nancy Bowen performed a Union Ceremony for Gretchen Haley and Cari Ratazzi.  With joy, Janet Kern and George Wolf attended their daughter Carina’s graduation from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy (Seattle) where she received her doctorate.  An additional joy is that Carina was offered – and has accepted, a full time pharmacist position in the Boston area.  Suzy Belmont was elected the new Chair of the Young Adult Leadership Committee.  Steve & Ingrid Parker celebrated their six year anniversary on June 2nd.  Rebekka Struik’s granddaughter, Kenny Ludlow, graduated from Oberlin College on May 27th.  John Cuddington drove himself to church on June 6th after getting his drivers license back on Friday!  Several members of the Immigration Ministry were present to witness the graduation of Kelly Dignan and Amy Rowland from the Iliff School of Ministry on June 5th.  We sang Happy Birthday to Kay Stevens whose birthday was Sunday June 9th.  Special thanks, again, to Steve and Ingrid Parker for greeting while Fred and Moi were at UUA General assembly.

Random Thoughts:  Those of us that are “long of tooth” or have gray hair have had to learn about Right Relationships, and Staying at the Table when there is a church crisis.  I know this is hard to do, and takes work.  I am refereeing to Lisa Phillips no longer being our Music Director.  There are probably factors involved which should not be announced from the Pulpit.  These are matters for the Personnel Committee, the Minister, and the Board — and not the entire Congregation, or even the Choir.  Fortunately in 1993, as President, I learned that I was an “Institutional UU”, which meant that I wanted UUCB’s doors to remain open for those to come in the future.  If we had not worked so hard to become a Healthy Congregation, we would not be where we are today.  Please stay and work with us for what is to come!

General Assembly was great.  An overwhelming amount of information is available “on-line” at  Of particular interest is the Moderator’s Report, delivered during Plenary IX — check it out!  Kelly Dignan received her Preliminary Ministerial Fellowship at the ceremony held during the Service of the Living Tradition (we cheered for her).  The Assembly easily passed the UU Statement of Conscience — Immigration as a Moral Issue after very little debate.  Fred and Moi had a hand in crafting the final text of this document.  It is always a pleasure for us to catch up with our many UU friends, and to be part of GA as Volunteers.

With Love & Care, Barb

Family Matters Potluck

Kids on SwingsSave the Date – Family Matters Potluck – July 27 5-8pm in Louisville

Socialize with other families at this kid-friendly potluck hosted by Alex and Kaitlin Haar.

RSVP via e-mail to Kaitlin Haar and sign up to bring appetizer, main, salad, side or dessert. Bring your own beverages to share.

Circle Supper — July 2013

July Circle Supper, Saturday, July 6.  Enjoy a barbecue with Reed Bailey and Carol Saunders on their deck, Saturday, July 6, at 6 p.m. Bring your favorite item to share for the barbecue or to go with barbecued fare. Stay around to see the fabulous sunset from their home overlooking Boulder and the mountains. Sign up at UUCB in late June, or call them to reserve your spot.

Talk About for July

Talk About – Post-service “Talk About” discussions are continuing once a month.  Please join Diana King and others for camaraderie and discussion on the Sunday, July 14 from 11:30 to 12:00 pm.  In nice weather discussions will take place outside on the benches in the front of the Church.  During inclement weather they will be at the back of the Earth Room (near the hearth).


Tea House — July 2013

July Tea House.  On Sunday, July 21, Diana and Mike King invite us for conversation and refreshments at their home. These new members are transplants from Maryland, near DC. Bring finger food or a beverage to share. No sign up required. Just come! Directions will be available at UUCB on July 21, or phone them for directions.

Annual Food and Supplies Drive for BCAP

IAC March 2013The entire month of July UUCB we will be collecting non-perishable food and household and personal supplies for the Boulder County AIDS Project’s Pantry. The drive is sponsored by the Interfaith AIDS Coalition (IAC) (see picture). Each member congregation has a drive for the pantry at least one month a year. Judy Hunter and Dianne Ewing are UUCB’s reps to the IAC.

Low-income clients of BCAP receive items from the pantry to supplement their needs at no cost. Look for the collection basket near the front doors on Sundays and in the RE wing on other days during the entire month of July. Twice during July several UUCBers will pack groceries to be delivered to some of the clients who are unable to come to BCAP’s pantry. Let Dianne Ewing know, if you could help with the bagging.

If you would like to donate fresh food, please discuss with Dianne Ewing, so that we can get it to BCAP’s refrigerator in a timely manner. They do appreciate fresh donations, but only when there is refrigerator space. BCAP has a garden plot to grow fresh produce for the pantry. They also purchase fresh dairy, meat, and bread products for the pantry, but fresh donations help them stretch their budget.  Do not bring any fresh food without prior discussion.

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