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Membership Matters July 2013

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Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: To the family of  Dr. Glenn Appelt, a former member, who died last month.  Sally and Tom Rickert as they continue to struggle with ill health.  Sally would love to hear from you.  Julie Wheeless, sister of Whitney, who had back surgery because of carrying her twin sons.  Justin Butterworth whose grandmother, Lee Slarey, was in the hospital because of severe internal bleeding.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  In May, Rev. Nancy Bowen performed a Union Ceremony for Gretchen Haley and Cari Ratazzi.  With joy, Janet Kern and George Wolf attended their daughter Carina’s graduation from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy (Seattle) where she received her doctorate.  An additional joy is that Carina was offered – and has accepted, a full time pharmacist position in the Boston area.  Suzy Belmont was elected the new Chair of the Young Adult Leadership Committee.  Steve & Ingrid Parker celebrated their six year anniversary on June 2nd.  Rebekka Struik’s granddaughter, Kenny Ludlow, graduated from Oberlin College on May 27th.  John Cuddington drove himself to church on June 6th after getting his drivers license back on Friday!  Several members of the Immigration Ministry were present to witness the graduation of Kelly Dignan and Amy Rowland from the Iliff School of Ministry on June 5th.  We sang Happy Birthday to Kay Stevens whose birthday was Sunday June 9th.  Special thanks, again, to Steve and Ingrid Parker for greeting while Fred and Moi were at UUA General assembly.

Random Thoughts:  Those of us that are “long of tooth” or have gray hair have had to learn about Right Relationships, and Staying at the Table when there is a church crisis.  I know this is hard to do, and takes work.  I am refereeing to Lisa Phillips no longer being our Music Director.  There are probably factors involved which should not be announced from the Pulpit.  These are matters for the Personnel Committee, the Minister, and the Board — and not the entire Congregation, or even the Choir.  Fortunately in 1993, as President, I learned that I was an “Institutional UU”, which meant that I wanted UUCB’s doors to remain open for those to come in the future.  If we had not worked so hard to become a Healthy Congregation, we would not be where we are today.  Please stay and work with us for what is to come!

General Assembly was great.  An overwhelming amount of information is available “on-line” at  Of particular interest is the Moderator’s Report, delivered during Plenary IX — check it out!  Kelly Dignan received her Preliminary Ministerial Fellowship at the ceremony held during the Service of the Living Tradition (we cheered for her).  The Assembly easily passed the UU Statement of Conscience — Immigration as a Moral Issue after very little debate.  Fred and Moi had a hand in crafting the final text of this document.  It is always a pleasure for us to catch up with our many UU friends, and to be part of GA as Volunteers.

With Love & Care, Barb

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