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Reflections on the Journey by Rev. Howell K. Lind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJuly 1st, 2013 begins a new church program year.  I look forward to a productive and rewarding new church year.

Amy Rowland will be joining UUCB this coming year as our ministerial resident.  Amy just completed a Mountain Desert District Consulting Ministry in Carbondale, CO and, on June 5th, she graduated with her Masters of Divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology.  Even though this ministerial residency in only a half time position, Amy is eagerly looking forward to connecting up with our partner agencies in the Boulder area, helping UUCB get more involved with the organizations that we “Share Our Plate” with each month, and working with our small group ministry program.  Amy has so many skills, talents, and experience that she is bringing to this position and, with Amy as a part of our Ministry Staff Team, there is a quite a bit that we can accomplish in this year ahead.

At the beginning of June, a Religious Education Interviewing Committee met with Janen Wright and offered her the position of Boulder’s Lifespan Faith Development Director.  Janen and her family will be moving from Pocatello, Idaho to the Longmont/Firestone area in late August and Janen will begin her religious education responsibilities with UUCB come September.  Janen is also enrolled at Iliff School of Theology this coming year as she pursues a ministry of religious education degree at Iliff.  Janen is just the right person to help us grow our children’s religious education program and her commitment to family ministry should help UUCB deepen and strengthen our outreach to our young families.  Janen’s energy and eagerness to make family ministry a priority among us will add another fine element to the Ministry Staff Team in this coming year.

2013-2014 church year already has the promise to be an exciting and energizing new program year as the Church Staff Team works hand-in-hand with UUCB’s lay leadership to help the congregation achieve the objectives which the congregation set for itself.


Adding Amy and Janen as our two newest staff team members (as well as adding a new music director to the team come September) to work in partnership with me, as Boulder’s Developmental Minister, Judith King as our very able Church Office Administrator and Kay Stevens as our Hospitality Ministry Coordinator means that UUCB will have a Ministry Team that would rival any other church our size.  Being part of an outstanding team effort with the church’s lay leadership means that, together, we can accomplish so much more toward the church’s goals.

2013-2014 has all the makings of being a very fine church program year of growth and continued prosperity for UUCB.  There will be more and more opportunities for each one of you to become more involved and take on leadership roles in the coming year – a year of growth for all of us.



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