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Sunday Worship Services for August 2013

CC 2013 6August 4

Courageous Love Transforms the World by Jeannie Shero

August 11

Ethics and Commons Sense by Amy Rowland

August 18

Here We do Gather by Rev. Howell Lind and Amy Rowland (Ingathering–Homecoming Sunday with Water Ritual)

August 25

On Being High Maintenance by Rev. Howell Lind

Share-Our-Plate–August 2013

Share Our PlateThe Boulder County AIDS Project is the local nonprofit agency for our plate collection during August. All cash and checks that are not marked for another purpose (e.g., your pledge) will be donated to the Boulder County AIDS Project–half going to the Unmet Needs Fund and half to the general budget.

In 2013, BCAP has served 189 clients: 33 women and 156 men. BCAP provides counseling and referrals to other social service agencies for people who are living with HIV/AIDS in Boulder and Broomfield Counties and in mountain communities not served by other agencies assisting people living with HIV/AIDS. Ten new clients have come to BCAP since January. Six of them were homeless. Most of BCAP’s clients are low income.

BCAP has a food and supplies pantry, where low-income clients may receive items at no cost. UUCB held a drive for that pantry in July. A counselor determines the amount of items a client may receive on a bi-weekly basis by the size of the client’s family and income. BCAP also provides HIV testing, educational outreach programs to students, to the Spanish-speaking community, and to various community organizations. BCAP also maintains a group home for a number of low-income clients.

BCAP’s Unmet Needs Fund was begun by the Interfaith AIDS Coalition (IAC) to provide for client needs that cannot be met from general funds. IAC is a group founded to support BCAP; UUCB is a member congregation. As a recipient of grants, much of BCAP’s budget is restricted to providing specific services or operating funds. Examples of recent client grants from this special fund are

1.        A woman who lives outside of Boulder, but gets her HIV care at the Beacon Clinic (AIDS clinic in Boulder) and primary care in Boulder, needed an alignment for her car so the Unmet Needs Fund paid for that.

2.       A man who is trying to re-enter the work force was given checks to purchase a suit and pair of shoes appropriate for interviewing

3.       A man who is moving out of his apartment was given a check to purchase some cleaning supplies so he can get his deposit back when he moves.

Other unexpected needs have come up recently. Your donations can help with these needs too. BCAP had to buy a new freezer for the pantry. Every month, BCAP spends over $650 to provide meat and soy protein to its clients. Having a high-protein diet is essential to keeping a strong immune system for people living with HIV.  Without a freezer, it would be extremely difficult to provide this protein to clients.  Unfortunately, the new freezer cost BCAP $539.10. In addition, Big Red, BCAP’s truck, needs two tie rods. Repairs needed add up to $944.21.The truck is used by volunteers to take food deliveries to BCAP’s clients, who are unable to come to the pantry in person.

There are many opportunities to volunteer, such as shopping at Community FoodShare for the BCAP pantry, helping with fund-raising events, participating in the IAC, staffing the reception desk, bagging groceries in the pantry, providing rides for clients to appointments, and helping in many other large or small ways. Volunteers who work directly with clients are required to take a training class.

Big Red

Big Red Needs Repairs

President’s Column by Whitney Wheeless

Sisters 2If you attended the May Congregational Meeting, you heard that we are trying to diversify our revenue streams for this coming church year. Our revenue is mostly comprised of member pledges and rental income from our long-term renter –Active Boulder Kids Preschool. Additionally, the monies raised through our annual silent auction event and grocery card program are significant contributors.

The annual silent auction is a wonderful event that nets our church around $14,000. This past year’s event was named “Gathering our Harvest.” Tessa Davis and Susie Riederer did a great job organizing the event with scores of people supporting the auction—from food preparation to managing bid sheets to donating items to cleaning up! Beyond raising money, the silent auction provides great opportunities for community building within our congregation. And we so love the slide shows, nice dinners, and pieces of art! We are looking for a few kind souls to head up the auction for this coming fall. Let me or Howell know if you are interested. It’s usually held in early November. Tessa and Susie are happy to show you the ropes!

I wanted to highlight the grocery card program as well. Eileen Sammells and Don Lilley coordinate this program with lots of Sunday morning volunteers. You may have noticed the table on Sundays with the “Grocery Coupon” sign. I know I had no idea what that was about when I first came to UUCB. Here’s the deal—when you buy grocery cards (Safeway, King Soopers, Alfalfa’s, Vitamin Cottage, Ozo’s Coffee, and LiquorMart) through UUCB, a portion (5 to 10%) of the card goes to our church. It’s a win-win: you get groceries and UUCB gets a little extra money ($6500 a year). If a family were to buy $400 per month of groceries, UUCB would realize $240 per year. Please stop by the table to buy your cards!

Now we come to what I wanted to highlight in my message. With the exception of rentals, these sources of income come from within our own congregation. For the silent auction, we double dip by asking members to donate items and then ask again the same people to bid on those items. The congregation-approved budget for this church year includes $6900 for income from new initiatives. The intent behind these initiatives is that we raise money from people outside of our congregation. Our hope is that we are able to try several smaller events rather than one single event that would raise these funds.

We need your help and ideas! The board is hosting a brainstorming forum on August 18 at 9:30 am to collect and generate ideas for potential community fundraising ideas. I know our church has successfully run other events in the past, and we’d like to consider reviving those and also identifying new ideas. These events could also provide connection and awareness in our surrounding community. Examples include an art sale or hosting a flea market. I heard there was a fantastic John Denver evening one year to remember him on the anniversary of his death—I’m a fan! What about a playground fun day for the neighborhood? Or maybe a farmer’s market selling our beautiful summer produce? We look forward to hearing you great ideas! Feel free to email your ideas too to me.

Enjoy this last month of summer before we come together at Ingathering on August 18!

Don’t Forget the Fundraising Forum – Sunday 8/18 at 9:30 am in the Emerson Room. Morning treats provided!


Lifespan Faith Development by Justin Butterworth

Justin ButterworthI am sad, yet excited, to share my final newsletter column with you as Interim Lifespan Faith Development Director.  This past half-year has given me incredible insight, wisdom, and experience in working with the youth of our fine congregation at UUCB.  In many ways, I am saddened that I will not be continuing in this role—I will cherish the experiences, laughs, and even the frustrations.  On the other hand, I am extremely thrilled and enthused that our new DRE, Janen, will be taking over this role.  From my conversations with her, she will be a great fit, and will bring a renewed energy and enthusiasm to our Lifespan Faith Development program.  I will be assisted her in making the transition into her new role during the first part of September.

She has asked me to gather teachers/interested to-be teachers for a teacher’s training meeting and collaborative discussion on Wednesday, September 4th, from 6-8 PM.  Please contact me at if you are interested in attending to learn more about her ideas, and being trained as a teacher at UUCB.  I know that Janen will be needing a great deal of support to revitalize our RE programming at UUCB, so please plan on attending!

Again, it has been an absolute joy to serve in this role at UUCB.  I have appreciated all the positive feedback, and will continue to do so.  The role of an interim director is only to serve for a short time, and this has been a blessing to step into a leadership role at UUCB.  I look forward to continue working with the RE programming and beyond at UUCB after I step down.

On a final note, the Lifespan Faith Development programming at UUCB will only be successful if the entire community steps up to support our various endeavors.  I know we as a congregation are capable of moving and shaking our RE programming into a new, fresh era.  I hope you each decide to step up to necessary tasks that will be arriving soon.

Much love and care,


Membership Matters–August 2013

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  The families of Gene Rossman, who passed away in January.  He was a friend of the Church, and life partner of Marsha Perlman.   Fred Cole asked that we please observe a moment of respect for the Granite Mountain Hotshots, their families and all the other fire fighters, working throughout the West.  When this tragedy occurred, Fred’s son Brandon was with another Level 1 team (from Oregon) working the West Fork complex, near Pagosa Springs.  Sharon Daudt’s 8 month old nephew has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  We acknowledge the passing of a former member, Rosemary (Ro) Bolen.  Speedy recovery to Jenny Fitt-Peaster who is recovering from surgery last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings and Thanks to:  Barbara Molfese’s Cousin, Vera Backstrom, who married her partner, Dotty Armstrong at a UCC church in Seattle on June 23rd.  Our SUPER Young Adults thanked George Brandon, Eileen Sammells, Dianne Ewing and Laurie Duncan for making sure they were all well fed and cared for the weekend of their Young Adult Retreat held at the church.  To Lisa Phillips for the beautiful music she brought us.  Emily Valerio has a new job with Denver Public Schools as a school Librarian/Kinder Teacher.  To Caitlin Moore and Will Kropp for covering the Greeters Table last month when we were putting David’s three children on the plane for 4 weeks on Vashon Island.  Fred Cole and Barb Richards paid off their mortgage last month!

barbRandom Thoughts:  Have you noticed all of the visitors who started flowing in our doors last month, just as Howell predicted they would?  Many of these people are UU’s who are moving to Boulder, or other folks who are “church shopping”, during the summer.  Please join the Membership Council in offering radical hospitality to them.  Every Sunday — make a vow to yourself that you will also welcome and chat with someone new.  Our visitors are great, and many have interesting stories to share. 

A former member of Membership Council asked to come back because, “…your committee is the most fun, while still getting the necessary work done!”  My hope would be that all of our boards, councils and committees take time to enjoy being together.  I also hope that we will continue to live up to our reputation!  It is our UU New Year so let’s make it happen!

With Love and Care, Barb

Climate Change Ministry Update

photoUUCB’s Climate Ministry Group is off to a great start with regard to their affiliation with the Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL).     Since forming the CCL chapter in April, they have had 7 Letters to the Editor and an Op Ed published in the Daily Camera, a visit with the Daily Camera editorial board with an editorial about a carbon tax and one member of the team visited Washington DC in June to lobby for a revenue neutral carbon tax with the staff of our local representatives.

CCL’s current mission is to get a graduated revenue neutral carbon tax with a dividend passed in both the House and the Senate.   The graduated tax would be applied at the source of the fossil fuel (well, mine or port) and would be increased yearly so that clean energy would become cheaper than fossils fuels within a decade.  All the money collected would be returned to American households on an equitable basis, which would protect the poor and middle class from the increasing higher prices for fuel.   The predictable increasing carbon price would send a clear market signal which would encourage entrepreneurs and investors in a clean energy economy.  It is estimated that more than 4 million jobs would be created with the implementation of such legislation.

With a Congress and Senate locked in gridlock, the passage of such a bill is no easy task.  But CCL practices empower their citizen lobbyist to be thoughtful, respectful and diligent citizens who have effectively lobby representatives on both sides of the aisle.  As CCL grows, the citizen lobbyist influence is being felt.

Susan Riederer, who represented the Colorado CCL group this June in DC, was able to meet with five congressional staff representing four Colorado elected officials and one elected official from Nevada.  She attended meetings in the Capital with other CCL volunteers from across the nation.  That week there were a total of 439 meetings with elected officials or their staff.

Actions for the UUCB group the month of August are to visit all of our national representatives while they are back in the state during their recess from Congress and the Senate.  If you are interested in learning more about our work, please contact Susan Secord or Susan Riederer.


All Church Retreat

Join the Fun of our all church retreat 

Save the dates in 2014: August 22-24  at Highlands Camp and Retreat Center near Allenspark

All Church Retreat

All Church Retreat2

Photo: Some of the fun at prior UUCB retreat

more information and early registration available soon!

PRISM Campus Ministry–August 2013

PRISMPRISM      On Sundays, August 25 and September  1, we’ll start collecting items for “Welcome Back” goody bags to give the members of the Progressive Really Inclusive Student Ministry (PRISM). The students are mostly from CU, both undergraduates and graduates.

We’ll have a basket for your donations of nonperishable snack items and school supplies. Small items such as granola bars, popcorn, pens, hi-lighters, or sticky notes are great for the small lunch-bag size bags. We’ll add some jokes, fresh apples, local maps, and home made cookies. If you’d like to make cookies or purchase apples (or provide some cash to buy the apples), please contact Dianne Ewing. Don’t bring apples or fresh cookies without checking with Dianne first.

On September 3, we begin feeding the PRISM members. We’ll take the goody bags along with our meal on that Tuesday. We take a meal to them on the first Tuesday of each month when school is in session. Members come from progressive Protestant traditions or UU backgrounds or are interested in learning about various faith traditions. Many are members of our Young Adult group.

Plan to sign up to provide a dish for the PRISM dinner at least one time during the school year. Look for the sign-up sheet with the tentative menu on the hall counter on the last Sunday of each month and the first Sunday of each month. Someone will pick up your contribution the day of the meal or you may bring it to UUCB the Sunday before (provided it will keep well). You may also deliver it yourself to the PRISM house near campus the afternoon of the dinner. The students love home-made food; however, they are also happy with items from the deli counter. And there are always some things that do not need any preparation, such as ice cream, which can be delivered to UUCB, labeled for PRISM, and stored in the freezer until Tuesday.

Tea House August 18

Tessa and Alan Davis invite us all for iced tea and conversation at their home near UUCB.  Maybe it would be fun to talk about favorite trips–where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. Bring finger food to share. All are welcome for this unstructured time to get to know each other better. Directions will be available at UUCB that morning or contact them for directions.

Circle Supper August 3

Locovore Feast Saturday, August 3!     Laurel Seppala-Etra and Jon Etra are hosting our fabulous locovore circle supper at their North Boulder home at 6 p.m. on August 3. We’ll be eating under the trees on their deck. Sign up at UUCB or call them if you’d like to come by Friday, August 2, to be sure there’s a chair for you!  As usual, this is a planned “pot luck” meal; Laurel and Jon are coordinating the food.  Please make your dish with local produce. We’ll try to keep the entire menu from Colorado, with the exception perhaps of salt, pepper, and coffee! We will sample food from our gardens, the farmer’s market, and local farm stands. Of course, if you need to add something from afar, we will still enjoy eating your contribution.


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