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Lifespan Faith Development by Justin Butterworth

Justin ButterworthI am sad, yet excited, to share my final newsletter column with you as Interim Lifespan Faith Development Director.  This past half-year has given me incredible insight, wisdom, and experience in working with the youth of our fine congregation at UUCB.  In many ways, I am saddened that I will not be continuing in this role—I will cherish the experiences, laughs, and even the frustrations.  On the other hand, I am extremely thrilled and enthused that our new DRE, Janen, will be taking over this role.  From my conversations with her, she will be a great fit, and will bring a renewed energy and enthusiasm to our Lifespan Faith Development program.  I will be assisted her in making the transition into her new role during the first part of September.

She has asked me to gather teachers/interested to-be teachers for a teacher’s training meeting and collaborative discussion on Wednesday, September 4th, from 6-8 PM.  Please contact me at if you are interested in attending to learn more about her ideas, and being trained as a teacher at UUCB.  I know that Janen will be needing a great deal of support to revitalize our RE programming at UUCB, so please plan on attending!

Again, it has been an absolute joy to serve in this role at UUCB.  I have appreciated all the positive feedback, and will continue to do so.  The role of an interim director is only to serve for a short time, and this has been a blessing to step into a leadership role at UUCB.  I look forward to continue working with the RE programming and beyond at UUCB after I step down.

On a final note, the Lifespan Faith Development programming at UUCB will only be successful if the entire community steps up to support our various endeavors.  I know we as a congregation are capable of moving and shaking our RE programming into a new, fresh era.  I hope you each decide to step up to necessary tasks that will be arriving soon.

Much love and care,


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