Deepening Faith. Living Well. Enacting Justice.

Autumn Means Life-Long Learning

AutumnThe kids are back in school – how about you? Do you like learning new things? Do you value the thoughts, insights and opinions of your fellow UUCB members and enjoy meaningful interactions with one another? Do you have ideas and/or questions to share? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re a natural to join one or more of our Fall Adult Classes; and we’d be delighted to have you!

Call it Faith Development or Religious Education or Life-Long Learning, we have a vital and enriching program of classes, workshops, seminars and discussions in three distinct areas of interest that will resume again this Fall. What’s your interest: Salvation in this lifetime? Justice, peace and harmony in our world?  How to handle teens, or retirement, or a tv addiction? All of the above?

Here is a brief rundown of coming attractions for the “Fall Quarter”:

Deepening Faith

• Lifecraft – The skill and the art of making and discovering meaning in our daily lives. With guidance from the dearly departed Rev. Forrest Church

Enacting Justice

• The Future of Democracy in America – Threats and Opportunities for 21st Century Citizens

Living Well

• The IM (Inquiring Minds) Open Book Group reads: Incognito – The Secret lives of the Brain by neuroscientist David Eagleman

• TTs4UUs – Ted Talks for Unitarian Universalists. Watch and be amazed. Engage and be enriched.


Visit our table in the Sky Room during the Coffee Hour on Sundays in September for more information, schedules and signups.

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