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Guest at Your Table

Guest at Your Table is an important annual UU tradition.  This year we won’t see the boxes at church because Guest at Your Table is thinking outside the box– both figuratively and literally.  They have launched an on-line website in order to  utilize more earth-friendly and cost effective tools.  Look up for a full explanation and resource materials.

GAYTThis program is such a good way for us all to contribute what we are able to help support world– focused service.  It is a wonderful way to put our faith into daily practice and help our kids and youth reap the blessings of supporting worthy causes that are far away from home. Read the Stories of Hope on this website and learn about the people whose lives have been changed by Guest at Your Table. UUSC is partnering with global grass-roots organizations that are really making a difference. It is an exciting thing to be a part of. 

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