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UUCB Climate Change Ministry Report

Earth from spaceThis past fall, UUCB Climate Change Ministry (UUCBCCM) has been actively pursuing a connection with other UU’s on the issue of climate change in the Front Range and beyond.  Three committee members met with Kiersten Homblette, MDD Beloved Community Coordinator to propose that a meeting be held with all UU churches in the Front Range to discuss the work that individual churches/fellowships are doing on the climate change issue.  Kiersten liked the idea and is arranging a meeting for some time in February.  

UUCBCCM also reached out directly to the Foothills UU Church in Ft Collins and Jefferson Unitarian Church (JUC) of Golden. Both churches expressed interest in our work and requested that we come and do a presentation.  On Dec 8th, Susan Secord and Susan Riederer presented UUCB’s work on climate change to 20+ attendees at the Ft Collins Church.  A similar presentation is scheduled for Feb 2nd at JUC.

In addition to work with area UU’s, our ministry is also working with the Colorado Interfaith Power and Light, and the UU UNO Climate Action Team.   It is our belief that the more collaboration that we can do at the grass root level the more significant our impact can be.  Please consider joining us in this important work.  We meet the 4th Wednesday at UUCB from 6:30-8:30.

Green tip for the month:

Transportation: 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning the engine on and off (NJDEP). Turn your engine off when you are sitting for more than 10 seconds, especially near children and in urban areas where pollution levels are already high.

Eco-tip provided by GreenFaith:



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