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Faith Formation Focus—The Blessings of Nature

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am so looking forward to both our All-Church camp in August and our Climate Change focus this coming year because, like so many of you, Nature is one of my true loves.  In the kid’s and teen’s Religious Education program our activity days have been changed to “Green Days” starting this fall.  The Climate Change Committee has a division that is heading up some wonderful classes for the kids to help us all appreciate the planet that we live on and understand what a privilege it is to take care of it.   I am looking forward to what this focus will add to our Sunday experience.

There are so many profound lessons we can take from the relationship we have with the earth.  I love these words by John Sous:

To be of the earth is to know

The restlessness of being a seed,

The darkness of being planted,

The struggle toward the light,

The pain of growth into the light,

The joy of bursting and bearing fruit,

The love of being food for someone,

The scattering of your seeds,

The decay of the seasons,

The mystery of death,

And the miracle of birth.

I have found that a reverence for the natural world is very common among people who share the blessings of being part of our liberal faith.  The majesty of mountains, the restless immensity of the ocean, the beauty of wild plants and trees all inspire a much bigger perspective than our day to day existence usually affords.  There is a spirituality (which is the depth dimension of life) and a peace in surrounding oneself with nature that can’t be found anywhere else; a peace that the animal in each of us craves sometimes.

I had the opportunity of exploring our church campsite at Highland Park with Heidi, Jason and Mary a couple of weeks ago.   What a beautiful place it is and what a wonderful time those who attend are going to have!  Make time for it!  We will have delicious catered meals and super cool workshops are lined up– like drumming, sketching, life-skills and meditation.  We will have our Sunday worship in a grove with a lovely view–and when we aren’t in session the outdoors offers great fun and beautiful places to let your spirit be free.  We will make great memories as a church family and come away with the inspiration and rejuvenation that only spending time together in nature can afford.

Janen Wright –Lifespan Faith Development Director       

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