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PRISM Update

PRISMCU and other post-secondary schools will be back in session in August, so it’s time to think about welcoming students, both undergrads and graduate students, to the school year. On Sundays, August 31, and September 7, we will be collecting small school supplies and nonperishable snack items for welcome-back bags for the student members of the Progressive Really Inclusive Student Ministry (PRISM). Items such as pens, sticky notes, highlighters, and snacks such as granola bars, soup mixes, popcorn, small cans of juice, as well as coupons to local businesses, and other small items are welcome.

We will begin providing a dinner for PRISM at their house near CU on Grandview Avenue in September, usually it’s the first Tuesday of the month (may be different in September, watch for date). Many of the members are members of UUCB’s YA group. In recent years groups of individuals have been donating a dish to serve 10 to 12 people each month to make up coordinated meals for the students. Many of the same people have done this for years. It’s time to recruit some new people to prepare or purchase a dish once or twice during the school year. Maybe you’d like to do this as members of a Chalice Circle or committee or council. Last year the RE students prepared the meal for April. A few families might like to take a month together. Or perhaps you have other ideas about how to provide the meal for about 24 people once a month during the school year. The students love home-made food, but they also love deli items, ice cream, and other things you can purchase, if that’s easier. If you have ideas or would like to help with the meal in September, let Dianne Ewing know.

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