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Update: UUCB Ministerial Search Committee’s First Meeting

Search RetreatOn Saturday, July 12th, your ministerial search committee, elected by the congregation this past spring, met for the first time.  We were pleased to have the Rev. Gretchen Haley as our facilitator for the day as we began to understand more deeply the multiple roles and duties of the committee.

One of our first acts was to elect  Jim Rowe to be our chairperson. The other members of the group–Jenny Fitt-Peaster, Sharon Belew, Jason English, Ted Burnham, Barbara Richards and myself– have taken on other lead duties for the committee.  One of our main goals  will be to regularly update the congregation on the work of the committee.  You can expect regular articles in the Clear Light Messenger and we will look for multiple avenues to inform the congregation of our progress.

We are excited and honored to take on this important work on behalf of the congregation.  After our day’s work with Gretchen we understand even more deeply the sacred duty to fully represent the needs and goals of our church as we plan for our future.  Please light a virtual candle for all of us as we move forward.

In Covenant with you,

Diana Maiden

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