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UUCB Members Go To DC to Talk with Legislators!

SR & SS in DCTwo members of the UUCB Climate Change Ministry, Susan Secord and Susan Riederer, joined 600 Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers from across the country in Washington DC in June to ask Congress to take action on climate change.  They along with all of the CCL volunteers departed Washington with a strong sense that the conversation is shifting on climate change solutions, a shift that might lead to bi-partisan legislation that prices carbon. 

 Our two members attended meetings in the offices of Udall, Bennet, Polis, Gardner, Perlmutter and Tipton.   In the meetings they presented a legislative proposal that would put a fee on carbon which is then returned to American households on an equitable basis.  They also shared the results of a recent study of this proposal which was done by Regional Economic Model, Inc (REMI).  And the news is GOOD! The study determined that a revenue neutral carbon tax would stimulate the economy, create jobs and reduce CO2 by 50% of 1990 levels by 2035.  Want to learn more about this work?   The Climate Change Ministry Group will be hosting an informational meeting at UUCB about their work with Citizens Climate Lobby.   Date to be determined.

And we just got word that UU’s from across the country will be attending the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21st.   The march is planned to correspond with a UN summit on climate change for world leaders the following week.  There are plans for a massive interfaith service in Central Park on Sunday morning.  A meet-up event page has been created by some UU organizers of all UU’s planning on attending.   Here is the link for the meet-up.    Stop by the Climate Ministry table for more details and find out who is going from our congregation.  


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