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Wildflower Seed Collection

Wildflower Seed Collectionsunflower

Saturday, September 13

9:30 – 3:30 (lunch included)

UUCB Volunteers Needed

Fun Family Activity

Sign Up Now! 

Seed collecting is a fun and easy family project, great for all ages.  We’ll gather at an outdoor location, turn in release forms, have a bite to eat, and then our leaders will show us exactly what the target species looks like, and lead us in small groups to pick the seed.

Often the seed is so plentiful that one may sit down on the ground and pick everything around, and then move on with the group to another rich collection site.  Many times these mature plants are wildflowers.  Often they are crucially important grass species that are locally adapted to our environment and exceedingly difficult if not impossible to find commercially.  They are worth more than their weight in gold.

UUCB’s Climate Change Ministry Team is joining with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers to coordinate this worthwhile project.  Grab your family and friends (don’t have to be church members) and sign up now at the Green Sanctuary/Climate Change Team table on Sundays.  Or, contact Heidi Todd for questions or registration.

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