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September Sunday Worship Schedule

Retreat308/31         “The Work Ahead”                 

                  Diana McLean, Ministerial Intern 

09/07         “Gathering at the River”

                  Rev. Howell K. Lind, Developmental Minister

 09/14         “On Keeping the Sabbath”

Rev. Howell K. Lind, Developmental Minister

 09/21         “Holiness and Happiness”

Diana McLean, Ministerial Intern



09/28         Sacred Co-creation and Reproductive Justice

Ruth Rinehart, UU Ministerial Candidate at Iliff School of Theology



09/28         “Standing On the Side of Love”

                  Front Range Unitarian Universalist Congregations

Capitol Steps                 



Path to Membership Class Set For September

path3Interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism or about the process of becoming a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder? There will be a two session Path to Membership class, from 12:00 pm until 1:30 pm, on Sunday, September 7th and Sunday, September 14th. 

For those who, after participating in this Path to Membership class and wish to formally join our religious community, there will be a Welcoming of New Members at the 10:30 am Worship Service on September 21st.

Attending this class does not commit one to joining the church, but it is an opportunity for those who want to know about UUCB and Unitarian Universalism to then make the decision of whether or not to formally affiliate with UUCB.  A sign up sheet for those interested in attending will be at the church office in the weeks preceding the first class.  If childcare is needed so that you might attend these Path to Membership sessions, please let the church office know so that child care can be provided.

The Path to Membership sessions are a great way to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and to better understand what our church in Boulder is working to accomplish in the lives of our members and in the larger community.  

From the UUCB Archives/History Room…….


Often members and friends have asked if we had a copy of past sermons or other Earth Room talks that have been given over the years.  DVDs have been made of every service for the past seven or eight years, but what about printed copies of sermons/talks  from earlier years  — or if you would just like to read a talk rather than watch and listen to a entire service?

This summer, Ginny Black and Tessa Davis created an inventory of all the printed sermons/talks we could find in UUCB’s Archives Room. We were amazed at how many we have in our collection from the 1950’s onwards — a total of 372!  They include 320 from all eight (Maloney, Pennington, Meek, Whitman, Stefancic, Kuhwald, Ziegler and Gunn) of UUCB’s past ministers.  (We are hoping to get printed copies of some of Howell’s sermons, but currently do not have any.)  The rest are sermons/talks given by other UU ministers, leaders from the Boulder community, and our own past and present lay members, including current members Reed Bailey, Robert Bushnell, Alan Davis, Sally DuGar and Jim Hester.

Many of the sermon/talk titles from past years seem as current as if they were written today!   A few examples from earlier decades that intrigued us are:  The Relevance of Job for the Modern Liberal (1964); Towards a Theology of Technology (1975); I’m Righter Than You Are: Compassion and its Shadow Twin (1997)

If you are  interested in reading or learning more about our collection of print sermons/talks, please speak to either Tessa or Ginny and schedule a time to visit the Archives.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Our Archives also contain over fifty old 8” magnetic recording tapes many of which have either sermons or educational lectures recorded in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.  We would love to hear from anyone who has an old reel-to-reel tape recorder and an interest in helping us decide if any are worth transferring to a more modern media.  We plan to transfer the few VHS tapes that we have to DVDs in the coming year.



PRISMThe Progressive Really Inclusive Student Ministry kicks off the new school year with a barbecue on Tuesday, September 2 at the PRISM House, 1041 Grandview Ave., near the CU campus (one block west of Broadway). All post-secondary students are welcome, including both undergraduates and graduate students. Please invite any students you know in this area who might enjoy gathering with other religious liberals for free food on Tuesday evenings, as well as interfaith YA services and informal discussions. No commitment is required. People come when their schedules permit. This group welcomes all students and is particularly a warm supportive community for people who are new to CU or the Boulder community. Many UUCB Young Adults are members. Check the PRISM website for more information. On September 2, UUCB and the PRISM Board members will supply the food for the barbecue. No need to sign up in advance.


UUCB provides a complete meal for the PRISM group on the first Tuesday of each month, except when CU is on vacation or there are special events for the PRISM members. We depend on different UUCB members to volunteer to prepare a dish from a coordinated menu for the students. No one is expected to prepare food for more than 8 people unless they want to do more. We usually feed about 24 students, so we need several people to prepare each dish. There are always some things that can be purchased at the supermarket, and we always like to have some home-cooked items. On Sept. 2, we only have to provide beverages and easy appetizers (all easily purchased, no cooking!).  Sign up at UUCB or contact Dianne Ewing to volunteer. We will pick up your food or you can deliver it to UUCB or PRISM. Cash donations are welcome if that is easier for you.


We’ll also be filling WELCOME GOODY BAGS for members of PRISM.  We’ll collect items from UUCBers on Aug. 24 and Aug. 31, filling the bags on the 31st during coffee hour.  We will deliver the bags with our food at the barbecue.


On Oct. 7, we’ll be providing a taco bar for the students to make their own custom tacos. We’ll also buy some tamales from Mercedes, and we’ll provide rice, salad, and dessert too. The sign-up sheet for donating to that meal will be on the counter at UUCB on September 21 and Oct. 5. Please plan to contribute to at least one meal during the year. Our RE kids had fun preparing the April meal for PRISM. They chose to do a Chinese meal, and they did an outstanding job with an ambitious menu. If you have something special, you’d like to contribute, let Dianne Ewing know, and it can be scheduled.

Recordings of Sunday Services Available

Have you missed a Sunday Service at UUCB and realized that you cannot go back in time?  Did you know that all Sunday Services are recorded on DVD?  That’s right all Sunday Services are recorded and you may check out a DVD to view at a later time.  If you want to check out a Sunday DVD, see the Sunday Sound Technician and they will help you sign out a DVD.

Did you know that UUCB has a Technology Task Force?  That’s right we have a Technology Task Force that is short-term and is charged to consult with local experts, be a part of the strategic planning process (part of our Church Goals), determine cost estimates, and make recommendations that will help move us from an old analog system and into a new digital system.

Did you know that it is easy to be a Sound Technician at UUCB; to be part of what helps everyone be able to hear the Sunday Services and have an enjoyable Spiritual experience?  If you are interested in making sure the Sunday Services are audible for everyone and recording them so others may view the Services at a later time then, contact Caitlin Moore.

Search Committee Update

jrowe20132020 Vision

Jim Rowe

Ministerial Search Committee Chair

It is August, 2020.  Eliot, my eldest son, is heading off to start his first year of college.  I have a few more gray hairs, but none because Eliot is ill-equipped to handle the challenges of moving from an adolescent to an adult.  Coming to age in a nurturing, inclusive, intergenerational congregation with a rich variety of social, spiritual, and educational programs have helped to shape him into a young man of whom we are proud.

Our past Developmental Minister, Howell Lind, has just emailed from his 2nd(3rd?) home since continuing his calling to developmental ministry.  He wishes us well, but it sounds like he is fishing for another construction project with which to come back and assist!  That shouldn’t be hard given our recent building expansion and numerous remaining projects.

We have just returned from the 2020 All Church Retreat in the mountains–it is hard to imagine that the center can barely accommodate our 200+ attendees at this now annual event.  Once again, there were an abundance of excellent sessions covering social justice, spirituality, and faith development, in addition to a host of fun outdoor programs for all ages. In fact, for the first time, we spanned 100 years of age, with attendees from 6 mos to 102, representing every decade of age in between!


This summer of 2014, the UUCB has started along the process of searching for and selecting a settled Minister.  I am honored to serve as the Chair of the Search Committee and, as a team, we are deeply committed to this process of discerning the best ministerial partner for UUCB.

The 2014 All Church retreat was our first formal opportunity to share more about the search process and join you in a discussion about our next Minister. We held two sessions, with 24 participants in total. The thoughtful and sincere engagement by all brought forth many great ideas for us to incorporate in the process. In particular, the meetings highlighted to me, what a healthy and diverse congregation we are, with strong desire to continue to deepen our faith, live well, and enact justice.

During the next 6 weeks, we will be facilitating a variety of gatherings to engage with all members of the congregation.  Please take a moment to review the schedule and plan to attend one of these “Search Light Gatherings”, or affectionately also known as “SLUGs”.  Members of the search committee will also be attending upcoming meetings and events of many groups within the church:  Such as, Men’s Group, Young Adults, Family Matters, Wise Elders, Wine and Spirits, and other others yet-to-be-scheduled.

So, as the next weeks unfold, I ask you to do a little time travelling and think about our future:  When you think about UUCB in the next few years with a new Minister leading the congregation, what do you see?  How do you measure success?  What skills, passions, experiences has he or she brought to bear in leading us to successfully meet our goals?  What is your “2020 Vision”?


Date Location
September 11, 2 p.m. Frazier Meadows
September 14, 12-1:30 p.m. UUCB Emerson Room
September 21, 9-10:15 a.m. UUCB Playground and Emerson Room
September 21, 7 p.m. Longmont (Will Kropp and Caitlin Moore)
September 23, 7-8:30 p.m. Louisville (George Brandon and Mary Clough)
October 11, 10 a.m North Boulder (Jerry and Diane Gollnick)



Reflections on the Journey by Rev. Howell Lind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“War is not healthy for children and other living things.”

I was reminded of this now culturally familiar statement (created in 1967 in opposition to the U.S. war in Vietnam by the organization AMP – Another Mother for Peace) as I listened to NPR and heard story after story reporting on the wars in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East: war and senseless loss of life happening throughout the world from the Central African Republic to Nigeria to Egypt – from Afghanistan to Myanmar to Thailand – from the Ukraine to Chechnya to Dagestan – from Iraq to Syria to the Gaza Strip – it is a cycle of destruction, violence, killing of innocent civilians and children, and all for what?  For what? 

A political agenda?  A bid for power?  A desire/need to conquer or subjugate another group?  An out-moded ethnic rivalry?  A perceived historic slight?   Really?  To what end?  I admit that I do not understand why any war or violence against others makes any sense! 

My colleague, Rabbi Marc Soloway, and I were having lunch together recently and both of us were lamenting this explosion of inhumanity, violence, and war in the world.  Our conversation expanded to discuss what both of are seeing as a rise of anti-Semitism and a renewing of racial discord, not only around the world, but especially in the United States.  It is disheartening.  It is a sad commentary on our species.

Every world religion has some iteration or version of the Golden Rule –  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” – as a basis of their faith tradition.  How have we come so far away from that foundational precept?  Unitarian Universalism places our significant emphasis on the inherent worth and dignity of every human being; our focus is on living lives of worth and meaning that does not disregard or denigrate another’s life. 

Marc and I both felt that, with all this depressing news from around the world and happening in America, the need is even greater now for men and women (and children) of faith (of all faiths!) to speak out, to stand up, and to model faithful lives of peace, of equity, of justice, of ethnic and racial solidarity.  Living lives that speak to our values and to our hopeful vision of being “one people” is so desperately needed in our world if any of us hope to change this current warring picture of the world.

. . . There is so much truth captured in the sentiment that “war is not healthy for children and other living things” that this message needs to be shouted from every church, synagogue, mosque, meeting house, and temple around the world.

We need to do just that!  We need to lend our voices and our efforts to halt this escalation of war and violence and inhumanity.  All of us!  Everyone of us.  It is what our faith calls us to do.


Faith Formation Focus by Janen Wright

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is harvest time, a time of profuse abundance. My garden is all but bursting with produce and from where I sit I can count 20 peaches on one single branch of my peach tree, small though it is.  The extreme generosity of nature in this season of plenty can remind us all about the need to keep an abundance mentality.  Such rampant produce seems to attest, “there is enough and more to share.”

So how do we cultivate an abundance mentality? The Greek philosopher Epicurus said, “it is not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance.”  And a favorite author of mine, Sarah Ban Breathnach says, “Whatever we are waiting for, peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance—it will surely come to us but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.” It is practicing gratitude that allows us to tune in to the abundance in our lives.

I can’t help but wonder how our lives would be different if we spent as much time expressing our gratitude for all our blessings as we do talking about and dwelling on our problems and concerns.  How would our lives be different if we resolved to have so much gratitude that we could regularly give from the abundance of overflow, like nature tends to, instead of scraping the bottom of our bucket and offering up the dregs (like we sometimes tend to)?

Someone once taught me that one way to increase gratitude and acknowledge how much you have is to share it.  Do you feel like there is not enough love in your life?  Give some away.  Do you feel like you are not making enough money?  Give some away.  Not enough validation, appreciation, recognition?  Give it away.  It is hard for something to feel scarce when we are giving it away.   It changes the relationship we have with that thing.  Deepak Chopra (an Indian-American author) expressed this same idea in more eloquent words, “the Universe operates through dynamic exchange…giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the Universe and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the Universe circulating in our lives.”

As we go about harvesting the bounty of nature this fall, lets remember to strive ourselves to give from abundance so we can be well-springs of joy, healing and love in the world.   

Janen Wright – Director of Lifespan Faith Development




Membership Matters by Barb Richards

BarbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  We become terribly attached to our Young Adults, others as well, but their lives are more transient due to school, jobs, and life.  This goes under two headings because it is sad for us but good for them.  We said goodbye in August to Bridget Hanna & Jesse Coleman-McGill as his job here ended, and her schooling will continue in Boston.  The part we will miss out on is that when they left us “they” were five months pregnant, but promise to send picture of the baby to be.  The good news for them is they will have family close by to assist and spoil the Grandchild!  Judith King, our awesome Church Administrator had a bike accident last month and broke her wrist. John & Barbara Taylor’s son is a guide, living in France.  He was leading a group in Italy and three people, including him, were caught in an avalanche.  One of the men died, and their son was buried face down for an hour.  He is recuperating, and re-thinking his life.  Carol Saunders had hip surgery last month.  Our beloved Johnathan Williamson has lived with Ulcerative Colitis for the past year and none of the medications his gastro doctor has tried have worked.  Wanting to gain back his life he is having Ostomy surgery in early September. Hayden said he told the surgeon I have a Trifecta: Parkinson’s, Gluten free and now this — too much for anyone to deal with so they are both in our thoughts, and here’s to successful surgery.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Our own Amanda Riggers was invited to attend a Chamber Music Festival in Luxembourg for three weeks.  Nice to have Peter Ryan, pianist with us during her absence.  Neil DiMuccio & Suzy Belmont announced that they have decided to share the wonder of daily life together by moving into a new condo at 30th and Colorado. We are invited to visit them!  Ten members of the Fitt-Peaster family (UUCB members Hilton and Jenny), with Arthur, Johann, Jade and Jasmine Fitt (of First Universalist of Denver), plus Becky, Thad and Fox Martin (of UUCB), as well as Mary Peaster, all celebrated the wedding of Violet Fitt (past UUCB member) to Liam Obeidallah, July 29th, on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, surrounded as well by additional friends and family.  Violet and Liam Lawrence, as they are now known, will continue living on St. Martin.

Random Thoughts:  Life.Love.Relationship got pushed to the top of the list at our home.  Fred Cole had emergency surgery on August 1st due to an infection around his hip surgery incision, from two years ago.  Five days in the hospital, and six weeks of daily trips to the hospital for antibiotic infusion.  He is not in pain, and we appreciate all the care and concern, as we look forward to the end of this recent episode!


With Love & Care,


On the Path: Intern’s Insights by Diana McLean

Diana MIn the world of nature, we think of spring as the time of beginnings, and our calendar restarts every January first. Churches, however, begin their new years in the fall. On August 17, we celebrated our Homecoming Sunday with the Water Ceremony, the gathering of the waters from your summer adventures. Many of you spent August 22-24 in Allenspark at the All Church Retreat. These community-affirming events were a delightful way for me to step into this community as your new Ministerial Intern. In both cases, part of what I loved was seeing interaction between those of all generations within our church community.

Homecoming Sunday is one of our All Church worship days, when the children are with us for the entire service. Beginning on August 31, we are starting worship every Sunday as a full church, including our children, who will go to their Religious Education classes after the first several elements of the service. I am always delighted to see children worshipping with adults. It is how we teach them what worship as a full community is like, and even more importantly, it shows them that they are truly part of our church community. They are not only “the future of our church” but a vital part of its present.

One of my charges as your intern is to help with the church’s efforts to become more of an inclusive and “Full Church” religious community. This can happen not only in worship services and multigenerational religious education opportunities, but also in social events and social justice work in the wider community. Churches are among a very few truly intergenerational places in our society today, and that is a gift we can offer to both our current members and those who come through our doors in the future.

At the retreat, I saw people of all ages singing together, enjoying the outdoors together, playing games together, and on Sunday, worshipping together again. At that worship service, I spoke about how adults in my childhood congregation reached out to me, and I encouraged us all to think about how we might cross generational (and other) boundaries more often. Who might you invite to tea or lunch or a movie? Who might you play games or make music with?

As we live more fully into our aspirations, including to be a thriving full church community, we have an exciting year before us. I am pleased to be walking this path with you.



September and October Circle Suppers

circle supperSeptember 6 Circle Supper. This month all are invited to a PICNIC at 5:00 p.m. at HEIL VALLEY RANCH. It’s just north of Boulder, off of Route 36 to the west. Sharon Larocque and Dianne Ewing are hosting. There are several HIKING TRAILS, from easy to moderate, if you’d like to come early. Some trails are open to bicycles and horses. Dogs are not permitted on any of the trails in this park. There is a very nice shelter with picnic tables, and there are outhouses, but no running water or electricity. You can park near the shelter. CHECK THE BOULDER COUNTY WEBSITE FOR PARK DETAILS. Sharon and Dianne will supply plates, cups, plasticware, water, and other beverages. Sign up at UUCB or phone Dianne. Reserve your place by Thursday, Sept. 4, or if you decide to come at the last minute, bring a substantial dish to share and your own plate, cup, and flatware. IF THE WEATHER IS DOUBTFUL, WE’LL GO TO UUCB. We’ll decide by 4 p.m. and we’ll call you about that time if we move to the church. If you need to know earlier, or think you might miss our call, call Sharon. If you have not signed up, and the weather is iffy, call Sharon to confirm the location.

OCTOBER 4 CIRCLE SUPPER will be at the home of Diana and Michael King. Sign up at UUCB on September 28 or phone them. If you’d like to host a circle supper in November or after that, contact Dianne Ewing

September Tea House

Karen Morgan is hosting the the tea house from 4 to 6 on September 21 at her home in south Boulder, 34 Benthaven, near Lehigh and Emerson. Karen is an avid quilter. You’ll see some beautiful quilts at her home! Everyone is invited for conversation and snacks. Bring finger food to share.

If you’d like to invite UUCBers to your home on the third Sunday of November or months after that, contact Dianne Ewing. October’s tea house will be hosted by Judith King on October 19.

John Fielder on September 9

john _fielder_storyUUCB is hosting a special benefit for Wilderness Preservation with guest speaker Colorado’s best-known wilderness photographer, John Fielder presenting “Celebrating 50 Years of Wilderness”.  Tickets are available on-line at .  The Sierra Club will receive a portion of proceeds from the $20 tickets.  This event marks 50 years since the signing of the Wilderness Act.  Plan to join us as John shares glorious images of Colorado and other states, with music and stories of life on the trail during his 40 years of exploring the wilderness.  Seating is limited, so early ticket purchase is recommended.  This is also a fundraiser for UUCB.


Tickets available



September Talk About

Please join Diana King and others for camaraderie and the post-service “Talk About” discussion on the Sunday, September 21 from 11:30 to 12:00 pm.  In nice weather discussions will take place outside on the benches in the front of the Church.  During inclement weather they will be at the back of the Earth Room (near the hearth).


A Jammin’ Potluck

MusicDear UUCB Family!

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, August 31 from 4 to 7 pm and join us for “A Jammin’ Potluck” in the Sky Room.  Come in body and spirit, with instrument and voice, or just yourself, as we enjoy fellowship and music together.  We will sing through new UU Congregational hymns from the 20214 Silliman Competition, sponsored by the UU Musician’s Network, as well as some of our favorites.  We’ll jam away with guitars, percussion, keyboard and more!  Dessert and wine provided – just bring a favorite dish to share.

Hope to see you all there!!!

Deborah Berioli, Music Director

941 284 5972 (cell)

Fall Sessions on End of Life Issues

We all know that we should be “getting our affairs in order,” writing or updating our wills and Medical Directives, and letting our loved ones know about our end of our life wishes.  But how easy it is to put off actually doing it! 

Several members of  the congregation, along with individuals from Lifespan Religious Education, the Caring Committee and the Young Adults, are working together to hold a series of three workshops this fall that will encourage UUCB members and friends to have honest conversations and take necessary actions about the inevitable end of our lives.  The workshops will also provide current information and resources that can help us all make decisions about these difficult issues.  These sessions are definitely not only for the “wise elders” in our congregation.   We ALL need to come to terms with our own deaths, and also and maybe even more importantly, with having the difficult conversations around end of life issues with our relatives and loved ones. 

The workshops are planned for after church on October 5, November 2, and December 7. They will be introduced by a sermon titled “Compassionate Conversations” that Reverend Catharine Harris (Minister Emeritus of BVUUF) will deliver to the whole congregations on October 5. 

Look for a table in the Sky Room during September with more information and to sign up to attend this important series.     

Walk for Peace and Solidarity – September 11, 5-8 p.m

The UUCB Social Justice Council has joined as a sponsor for this event, with the Interfaith Community of Boulder, and the Lemon Tree Project.  Come join with other peace-lovers in our neighborhood, bring your family, show your support with a group of other UUs.

Please join us as we walk together in the spirit of peace.  Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all people of good will.
We will walk in solidarity to remember those who died on 9/11 and honor the spirit of ongoing friendship and support in our community.  Life is precious.  A fatal disaster can strike at any time, as we experienced last year at this time when the flood began.  This year we gather to acknowledge the value of our lives, to celebrate our multi-faceted community, and to demonstrate our interdependence.  All ages welcome – please join us at any point along the path.
4:30 – Meet in the Boulder Islamic Center parking lot – 5495 Baseline Rd
5:15 – We will walk together to Congregation Har Hashem – 3950 Baseline Rd
6:15 – Vehicles will depart from St. Andrew Presbyterian Church – 3700 Baseline Rd
6:45 – Meet in front of the Boulder Court House – 1300 block of the Pearl Street Mall
7:15 – Ceremony of Commemoration with Faith and Civic Leaders, Musicians, and our Community.

Please contact Dianne Ewing at 303-776-0227 if you plan to go, she is coordinating our UUCB participation!

Stand (and sit and pray and sing and worship) on the Side of Love!

Gay Pride9th Annual Standing on the Side of Love Service

Sunday, September 28th, 2014, 10:30am

On the West Steps of the State Capital, 200 E. Colfax Ave. Denver 80203The Unitarian Universalist congregations of the Front Range will soon celebrate our 9th annual “Standing on the Side of Love” public worship service. Celebrate recent victories in the struggle for LGBTQ equality! Recommit to ongoing, faithful work for justice in Colorado! Practice being the Beloved Community! Folks of all ages are welcome to join us in worship and song, prayer and ritual, righteous witness and bountiful joy. Come, let us worship together!For more information, contact kierstin AT mdduua DOT org


Wildflower Seed Collection

Wildflower Seed Collectionsunflower

Saturday, September 13

9:30 – 3:30 (lunch included)

UUCB Volunteers Needed

Fun Family Activity

Sign Up Now!

Seed collecting is a fun and easy family project, great for all ages.  We’ll gather at an outdoor location, turn in release forms, have a bite to eat, and then our leaders will show us exactly what the target species looks like, and lead us in small groups to pick the seed.

Often the seed is so plentiful that one may sit down on the ground and pick everything around, and then move on with the group to another rich collection site.  Many times these mature plants are wildflowers.  Often they are crucially important grass species that are locally adapted to our environment and exceedingly difficult if not impossible to find commercially.  They are worth more than their weight in gold.

UUCB’s Climate Change Ministry Team is joining with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers to coordinate this worthwhile project.  Grab your family and friends (don’t have to be church members) and sign up now at the Green Sanctuary/Climate Change Team table on Sundays.  Or, contact Heidi Todd for questions or registration.

Celebrate the History of the Earth on Sept 28th!

The planet Earth has existed for billions of years.  Over that time span many changes have occurred both on and under its surface, affecting the generation of life, the type of life and the quality of life.  Yet Earth continues to spin in its orbit, warmed by the sun, cooled by rain.

Join members of the church school, parents, and teachers for a Celebration of Earth with lunch followed by assembly of an illustrated time line of the planet’s history and an Earth Circle highlighting what the Earth gives to us and what we can do to take care of the Earth.  Sponsored by the Climate Ministry.

Look for the sign-up sheet beginning Aug 31st or email from space

Images from Men’s Group Retreat

Each Year the UUCB Men’s Group organizes a Men’s retreat that is open to all men. This year Jim Hester organized a wonderful four day, three night trip to north west Nebraska staying at historic Fort Robinson in  comfortable 1887 adobe officer quarters. Jim loves to cook so did all the food planning and cooking…thank you Jim! From Fort Robinson we visited seven old west museums, two old US Army forts, two archeological sites and one geological site.   Great fun and fellowship, so plan to join us next year on our UUCB men’s group retreat adventure.


Bob Ford, Jim Hester, Mike Hester, Don Lilly & Reed bailey at the Scotts Bluff National Monument celebrating the very hardy pioneers who came across the Oregon and Mormon trials


Fort Robinson Natural history museum


1837 Fur trading post and fabulous Museum of Fur Trade


Site of 1837 trading post

menr2menr10 menr9 menr8 menr4 men23

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