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Climate Change All-Church Focus is Launched!

   Earth from space      The urgency to act on climate change is everywhere in the news these days, and at UUCB, climate change is now our social justice focus.  Over the next two years, the Climate Change Ministry will provide many opportunities for education and engagement – on a local, state, national and even international level.  September brought several kick-off events.

  • We want to thank Sharon Belew and her team for hosting the John Fielder Event that included Mr. Fielder’s gorgeous photos and his discussion about the success of the Wilderness Act as well as current environmental challenges, including the severe impacts of climate change.   
  • A few days later, the Climate Change Ministry sponsored the viewing of the very powerful film “Groundswell Rising.” Produced by fellow UU Mark Lichty, the film featured the impacts of fracking on climate change as well as on our air, food, water and health. Mark Lichty was present to discuss the making of his movie, and Mary Smith spoke about the status of the Boulder County Home Rule, one local initiative that could give our county commissioners the power to limit or ban fracking. 
  • This month the Climate Change Ministry also sponsored a wonderful multi-generational seed/plant gathering event with Ed Self’s Wildlands Restoration Project.  Several UUCB families and individuals turned out on a gorgeous Saturday to gather cornflower seeds as well as baby peach leaf willows and plains cottonwoods.  The seeds and plants will be used to restore lands that were impacted by last year’s floods.   
  • In September we also kicked off our Carbon Cutting Commute Sundays, which will be held on the second Sunday of each month.  To help us all change our commuting habits and save on carbon pollution, we’re encouraging everyone to find some way of cutting their carbon emissions when they come to church.  Many already do so, but these Carbon Cutting Sundays will ask all of us to stretch a bit more – and have some fun.  Walking or riding a bike or scooter to church are the lowest carbon commutes.  But we can also reduce our carbon emissions by driving a more fuel-efficient car, taking the bus or by carpooling.   And if you live far away, think about parking your car a half mile from church and walking that last bit with a friend! 
  • On September 23, the world’s leaders gathered in New York at the UN Climate Summit to discuss climate change.  On September 21 over 310,000 people from over 1200 organizations flooded the streets of New York to urge these leaders to take action before it’s too late.   Five UUCB members were part of that enormous gathering: Tom Denkenberger, Susan Riederer, Susan Secord, and Steve and Heidi Todd.   Susan Riederer even rode the Peoples’ Climate Train all the way from Denver to NYC!  Several UUCB members turned out to participate in a Whistle Stop Rally – to send Susan and other Coloradans off on the train!  Other members joined local rallies in Denver and Boulder on September 21, in support of the NYC march.  
  • Finally, our Letter Brigade continues!  Once a month UUCB members are invited to the Emerson Room after church to write to your Members of Congress about your concerns about climate change and the urgent need to act. We provide the paper, pens, and even some ideas.  Watch for notices in the MidWeek Messenger!  

UUCBers send Susan Riederer off on the Peoples’ Climate Train









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UUCB Climate Change Ministry members In NYC with 310,000 Peoples’ Climate Marchers




Tom with Dr. James Hansen, former NASA Goddard Institute Director – the person who first told Congress about the urgency to act on climate change – back in 1988.  Dr. Hansen was marching with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, as were we!






















Seed/Plant Gathering


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