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Membership Matters

barbOur thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Hayden called from Maine before church last month to report that Jonathan was in rehab at their complex (Quarry Hill) after his surgery.  He had color again, was feeling great, and was eating everything allowed.  Francesca Howell said blessings for moms, here & passed on; Francesca’s mom who had visited here various times at UUCB, would have celebrated her 100th birthday on September 7;  Peter’s mom of 93, who also has visited UUCB various times, has moved back to Denver CO.  Rosemary Dineen has moved back to Boulder from Ajiuc, Mexico and is settling in at Golden West.  She was at church with her family last month.  Laurie Mazzola and family on the sudden death of her dad last month.  Ginny Wright joined the “socket sisters and brothers” last month with a knee replacement on September 16.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Robley Williams noted with joy the visit of his daughter Ruth and her daughter Ella to Colorado, and with him in church.  Ruth attended UUCB years ago.  A huge thank you to all those men who helped out on the Homecoming BBQ, September 7th. Everything was perfect, even the weather held out.  Clint Brown and Patricia Kay Youngson came this year as roving troubadours.  Special recognition and thanks to Jon Bond, Bob Ford, George Brandon, David & Evan Harrington, Norm Taylor, George Wolf, Tim Bailey, Don Lilley, Ron Cotts, Jack Grundmann, Tom Denkenberger, Jim Hester, Philip Wittmeyer, Bill Belew, Reed Bailey, Alan Davis, Fred Cole, Henry Kroll, and Hugh Matheson.  These are the ones who contributed food and helped prepare/cook/serve the food.

Special Welcome to New Members:  Laura Maguire, Mary Pierce, Kendall Richards, Joan Scott, Saphia Yonkers and her sons.  We are pleased you have joined with us.


Random Thoughts:  Want to be involved?  In early November we will be offering usher training. Next month there will be a sign-up sheet on the office counter.  You will be appreciated, and it is a great way to “get your feet wet”!


With Love & Care, Barb

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