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Rise Up And Call Her Name, Part 1

GoddessesRise Up And Call Her Name, Part 1

A Woman-honoring Journey into 

Global Earth-based Spiritualities

An Invitation to all women and girls 13 years of age and older

6 Tuesdays:   October 14- November 18th

6:30-9:00 pm at UUCB, 5001 Pennsylvania, Boulder

$20 for materials (sliding scale)

Offered for women, age 13 and up

Sign up by October 7th by contacting Debbie Davies,

Rise Up and Call Her Name is a course that weaves together spiritual stories worldwide that honor female divinities.  Rise Up presents a textured spiritual inquiry missing from exclusively male imaged, monotheistic belief systems.  By focusing on artistic and intellectual tools which facilitate self-development and personal integration, these stories become relevant and inspiring to the individuals participating. 

Circles of participants undertake personally relevant activities that may include: experiencing visual images, chants, creative rituals, movement, storytelling, and hands-on art projects.  Participants have the opportunity to develop fresh perspectives on qualities such as fearlessness, compassion, nurturing, and the unfolding of personal spirituality. 

Ecological awareness is prominent on this journey. Cycles, interconnection and biodiversity are given form and substance through stories that portray both the power and process of Nature, advocating reverence for Her.  Group sharing is especially rich, often supporting community building that continues even after the course is completed.  Please join women from both UUCB and BVUUF to take part in this exciting journey.

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