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On the Path: Intern’s Insights by Diana McLean

Diana MAs part of my internship, I participate in a peer group of interns from a variety of denominations. We meet weekly at Iliff to share our learnings, questions, challenges, and successes. One of my assignments for that group this fall is to write a social analysis of UUCB–an overview of who we are, to help my peers understand the setting where I’m serving.

As I’ve been working on that paper, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on all that this church has accomplished in the last few years. I’m so impressed by what I see as I look at the Boulder Church’s recent history!

Our outreach has expanded to include an all church social change event (really a year-long, or two-year-long, focus on an issue chosen by the congregation), and focused ministries such as our climate change ministry and our immigration ministry.

We are the national “poster child” for a model of shared developmental ministry and are being looked to as a success story for this model. The success of that shared developmental ministry has resulted in UUCB being ready to search for our next called minister, and that process is well under way.

The Mindful Meeting format introduced to us by Kelly Dignan during her internship and used in most of our meetings is now being adopted by other churches. This is one of the ways that we maintain our awareness that what we are engaged in here is ministry, even when the tasks may feel like those we perform in more corporate settings.

We worked together as a community to build the playground our children enjoy so much. There have been other building improvements, including new windows and carpeting in the Sky Room, and I understand there’s a new roof coming this fall.

And of course, my presence here is evidence of UUCB’s continuing commitment to being a teaching church, helping to grow the next generation of Unitarian Universalist ministers.

A lot has happened in the last few years to make this church of ours the strong community we are. As we approach Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to take a few moments to be thankful for our many successes.

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