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Calculate and Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

November 16 – December 14

 Earth from spaceUUCB Climate Ministry invites you to calculate your household carbon footprint by going to Knowledge is empowering!  Find out how you can act to reduce your own CO2 emissions.

In 2010, thirty-one UUCB households calculated their carbon footprints and we found that the average was 34.4 tons of CO2 per year.  This compared favorably with the U.S. household average of 48.5 tons CO2 per year, but we all agreed we could do even better.

Let’s see how we’re doing now as a congregation!  We would like to find the average carbon footprint for our UUCB membership, so please send your household total emissions to Timothy Bailey.    For more information, visit our Climate Change Ministry table during coffee hour, November 16 – December 14 or read our longer November CLM article.  And watch for an Adult Education class in January on how to reduce your CO2 emissions.

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