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Reflections on the Journey by Rev. Howell Lind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore than any of the other months of the calendar year, the month of December always brings the gift of children to my heart and thinking.  Undoubtedly this association comes readily to me because two of my daughters were born in the month of December and that December 25th is the date the world has designated as the date for celebrating of the birth of Jesus.


Perhaps this connection for me of children and this twelfth month of the calendar year also centers on watching children, wide-eyed and excited as they open presents scattered under a Christmas tree.  For many reasons, this month of December is a special time of the year.


Our church’s ministerial intern, Diana McLean, and I had a recent meeting with Samantha Frazee of the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services.  Samantha is part of Boulder County’s 360 Family Connection Team and the Foster Parent Engagement Specialist.  Our time together was informative and productive as I learned more about what Boulder County is doing to help children in our region.


Children in our community desperately need the help of all of us, regardless of our ages!  Our community needs us to volunteer as foster family helpers, respite providers, and especially to step up and sign up as foster parents.  Diana and I have asked Samantha to be with our congregation on several Sundays in December to share more about ways in which all of us can be involved in providing needed services and assistance to the children in our area who need the kind of caring, loving, and supportive help that you and I are capable of providing.


Diana and I have decided that we will utilize several of the Sundays in this month of December to speak to the connection of children with the values of our chosen faith of Unitarian Universalism.  In truth, children –– their care, instruction, and nurturing –– is a responsibility that our faith has always championed and held as one of the most important ways to live our faith and values through our efforts and service to the needs and growth of children.


Hopefully, throughout the entire year, all of us are attentive to the ongoing need of caring for and the nurturing of young hearts and minds, but this month of December 2014 will be a good opportunity for us to strengthen and renew our commitment and our faith in and of children.  See you in church!




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