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UUCB End of Life Seminar Series

eolThe third and last of the fall End of Life Seminars, After Death Decisions and Creating Peace of Mind at the End of Life,  will take place from 12:30 – 2:30 after the service on Sunday, December 7th.  In this seminar we will have presentations on traditional and new options for caring for the dead and their remains; look at a checklist for creating peace of mind at the end of life; and learn about ways to leave spiritual and financial legacies.

In the first hour, Karen van Vuuren, the Executive Director of Natural Transitions and other volunteers from this Boulder non-profit resource center, will talk about family-led after-death care, home funerals and green burials.  In the second hour we will look at the “Creating Peace of Mind Checklist” and touch upon spiritual or ethical wills with Rosemary Lohndorf. We will also learn about financial legacies and leaving a legacy to UUCB with Peter Holt

Remember to visit the table in the Sky Room for information and resources and to sign up if you haven’t already done so.  Lunch will again be provided for everyone who has signed up ahead of time.

We hope our series has given you food for thought around end –of –life issues, and perhaps places to start your own work around this important topic.

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