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Earth Guardians Empower UUCB Kids

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The UUCB Climate Action Ministry (CAM) sponsored a January 25th Faith Development class for our kids, featuring special guests with a message of inspiration and empowerment.  Xiuhtezcatl (14 years old) and Itzcuauhtli  (9) Roske-Martinez, and their father, Siri Martinez visited our classes to teach them about climate change and respect for Nature and the Earth.  They represent Earth Guardians, their international environmental activism organization with Boulder roots.

The Martinezes are of Aztec ancestry, and so began the class with an interactive Native American chant invoking the presence of Spirit for the proceedings.  After showing a brief video, X. and I. spoke about their love of Nature, how that inspired them to take action to protect the Earth, and how each person—even children—can make a difference.  Then our multi-age class joined X. and I. in a spirited rap song, “Be The Change”.  Seeing young people near their age in action totally engaged our UUCB kids for 45 minutes!

Earth Guardians will be the Share Our Plate recipients for the month of April, so the congregation will get a chance to find out more about their activities.

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