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From the Archives: Artwork by Elsa Deutsch

Do you recognize the photo below?   Do you know where it is in our building? Who made it?   What the writing says?


While we were preparing the slide show for our January presentation to the Wise Elders, Ginny Black and I realized that this lovely piece of artwork, created by Elsa Deutsch, who also made the copper doors and chandeliers, had not been included in the Treasures of UUCB book.  Covered with blue transparent paper, it fills the diamond-shaped skylight in the back of the Earth Room (originally called the Hearth Room and the only socializing space in the building before the Sky Room was built).  If you look closely, you will see that on the bottom is carved the words  “Thus Our Religion Shall Be.”   Make sure to look for it next time you are at church!

–Tessa Davis



Tessa Davis

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