Deepening Faith. Living Well. Enacting Justice.

Ministerial Search Committee Update

binocularsDeepening Faith, Living Well, Enacting Justice:  These goals continue to guide your Ministerial Search committee as we move in to an exciting and busy time as our search moves forward.  In early January we began the next phase of our search process, starting with the Beyond Categorical Thinking (BCT) workshop facilitated by Eddy Carroll.  We were thrilled by the turnout, 36 UUCB members and friends who accepted the challenge to examine our own biases and the ways in which they might affect the search process and cloud discernment.  Thanks to this experience, the Search Committee is confident that we are prepared to consider our applicants as complete, complex  people and evaluate them based on ministerial skills rather than our own assumptions. We are now fully engaged in evaluating candidates and will be moving to the interviewing phase over the next several weeks. 

As our chairperson Jim Rowe described to the congregation on January 11th, the numbers tell the story of both where we have been and where we are going.

104:  The number of you that met face to face with us as you welcomed the Search Committee to your various groups and Search Light gatherings…

159:  The number of members and friends who took the Ministerial Search Survey….

11,102:  The words used to capture the character and desires of our church in our Congregational description, known as the Packet—-Please read it on the website (can we add the link here?)…

38:  The number of Unitarian Universalist congregations seeking a full time, settled minister this year…

86:  The number of UU ministers that expressed interest in one or more congregations…..

21:  The number of ministers who have expressed interest in becoming our next minister, nearly one quarter of the ministers seeking a settled parish!

2:  The number of chalices we have lit during the search process. Our second chalice has remained lit to remind us of the important work we are doing and to hold a sacred space for our next minister…

May our hearts be open, our minds keen and spirits welcoming as we evaluate all our potential next ministers and move to our final number, One,  our new settled minister.

Yours in Faith,

The Ministerial Search Committee





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