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UUCB Kids Send Love of Earth to Senators

UUCB Valentines - 1 UUCB valentines 2-15-15Earth Guardians empowered UUCB kids follow up:  On Sunday Feb 15 UUCB kids responded to the invitation and encouragement of the Earth Guardians to get involved and make a difference.  After establishing that Senators could make laws and policies that help to protect the earth and that they could help by encouraging them to do so, the kids used colored paper, stickers, crayons and markers to make valentines to send to Colorado Senators Bennet and Gardner.  The greetings were spot on!  Just a few examples: “I care about the Earth.  Do you?”, “Please protect our planet.  We rely on it.” and “Thank you for keeping our air clean. I love Earth”.  The cards will be delivered to the Senator’s offices in Washington DC.  We’re hoping for a response!

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