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Gay Pride

Have you noticed that some UUCBers have a rainbow sticker on their name tag? You can have one too! They are to emphasize to newcomers and guests that we welcome GLBTAIQ people. We are officially designated as a Welcoming Congregation by the UUA, and we are actively working to renew that status. We’ll have stickers available at the name tag table or by our name tags board every week from now on. Stick one on your name tag! Our new rainbow flag should be flying by our front doors this month. We plan to keep it up 24-7 to let passers-by as well as those who use our building know that we are welcoming!


Members of the WC Committee and all of you who are interested in furthering UUCB’s work to become more welcoming, especially to members of the GLBTAIQ community, are invited to meet with us after you get your coffee on Sunday, April 12. Bring a snack for the meeting that day, if you can, so we can munch and talk! Meeting location to be announced.


Sign up for an introduction to the Welcoming Congregation and the Bisexuality Curriculum on Tuesday, April 14 at UUCB. Bring your dinner and we’ll meet at 6:30or come at 7 when we begin the workshop. If all can come early, we will start and end early. The second WC workshop will also be scheduled on Tuesday during the week when our ministerial candidate is visiting with us. The committee is also planning a panel discussion about living with WC topics for our August retreat. We will begin the new WC curriculum in the fall.


Now you wonder what all the letters stand for in GLBTAIQ. The order of the letters sometimes varies, but they still mean the same things. You probably can figure out Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and perhaps Transgendered too. Here’s what the AIQ letters stand for. A = asexual, I = intersexed, Q = queer. We will be defining terms for you in coming newsletters. Because the letters are a mouthful, we are calling our committee the Welcoming Congregation Committee.  If you have questions about the group, ask Judy Hunter or Dianne Ewing.



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