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Circle Supper Picnics

circle supperOn Saturday, June 6, Dianne Ewing and Sharon Larocque will host a picnic pot luck dinner at 6 pm. Those who sign up can help choose the location—it could be Heil Valley Ranch again, or near Artist’s Point on Flagstaff Mountain, or we could choose another park in Boulder or nearby. Sign up at UUCB or call Dianne at 303-776-0227 to reserve your spot and get the details.
We will also have a circle supper picnic at the home of Shirley Bulla on Saturday, July 4. It will be a traditional Fourth of July picnic at 6 pm. She lives on 55th Street, not far from UUCB, and she has a huge back yard! When it starts to get dark people can move on to their favorite fireworks viewing locations. Sign up at UUCB on the last two June Sundays.
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