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Inquiring Minds Book Group

Book GroupThe spring book discussion on BUDDHA’S BRAIN, facilitated by Tessa Davis, stimulated lively interaction on how the neural pathways of the brain can be “re-grooved” by practices such as meditation.
This summer, for the first time, we will be covering a book, and it will also be special as a multi-generational discussion.  The book will be ISHMAEL, by Daniel Quinn.  Many people have considered this book to be truly life-changing; whole movements have grown up around it.
A novel built on a Socratic dialogue between a man with a desire to save the world and his very unusual teacher, it reveals a holistic view of humans on earth, “how things came to be this way”, and what that means for the planet.  This is an opportunity to share in a deep growth experience with our high schoolers.  All are welcome to join us.
The dates are still To Be Determined, but will likely be two sessions in late July to early August.  If you are interested, please email
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