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Faith Formation Focus by Janen Wright

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the 4th of July.  For me it is a celebration that we live in a land where freedom is possible, if not yet rea
lized for many.  Listen to these bold, visionary words penned by our Founding Fathers, “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

So where, you might ask, is this domestic tranquility, this more perfect union?  Where is this justice?  Indeed we, as a people, have not yet realized the grandeur of this dream, this dream of securing the blessings of liberty for all, and it will remain a dream until enough of us call upon our powers, the same powers that our Founding Fathers had, to fight for what is right.  More of us have to want equality and freedom for all and work towards that end.

Our founding father’s staked their lives, their property, and their sacred honor on something they could only imagine and they didn’t achieve all these lofty dreams in their lifetimes, but they did plant the seed.  From where they stood I don’t think they could imagine that one hundred years later at the end of an awful war, blacks would be freed from slavery and following that, women would rise up to fight and insist that man and women were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

From where we stand we can’t see the end results of all our efforts toward good either.  Despite all that’s wrong in our country we have to keep going forward, keep doing all in our power to make some a kind of heaven out of this imperfect world.  We have to band together to “stand on the side of love” as Unitarian Universalists.  Our faith is built on the desire for freedom and justice and doing better than we’ve done in the past, both as individuals and as a church community.

All that is corrupt and wrong in our society can be overwhelming, but we can’t give up.  The people that gave birth to our proud nation went up against one of the strongest governments in the world to declare their rights of freedom.  We too need to acknowledge when things are not right and be about making the world a better place- each in our own sphere, and in our own way.  If we can’t change the world overnight at least we can speak up and plant seeds of “rightness” that will bear fruit over time.

It is a great privilege to be a Unitarian Universalist and join with others in our endless quest of creating more love and acceptance and justice in this world.  This year when we sing, “My country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty,”… let us remember our proud heritage and that now it is our turn to do what we can in order to further the quest of equality and freedom for all.

Janen Wright, Director of Faith Formation

All-Ages Fourth of July Picnic

circle supper

Pot Luck Circle Supper in July will be a picnic hosted by Shirley Bulla. Outdoor games at 5pm. Dinner at 6 pm. Sign up at the Office or call Shirley at 303-442-6032. Address: 1402 55th St. Boulder. Park in the field behind the house. In case of heavy rain, we meet at UUCB.

July 2015 Sunday Services

Suzy temps Howell with cake  Rev. Lind and Suzy Belmont, at reception for his final day in the pulpit, June 14, 2015

07/05 “Building a Better Way”, Diana McLean, Summer Minister, Ted Burnham, Worship Leader

07/12  “Both/And in an Either/Or World”, Diana McLean, Summer Minister, Tom Denkenberger, Worship Leader

07/19  “Social Justice as Spiritual Practice”, Diana McLean, Summer Minister, Lou Mazzola, Worship Leader

07/26  “The Future of Human Evolution”, Jim Hester, Guest Speaker, Fred Cole, Worship Leader

Last Sunday with Rev. Howell Lind – June 14, 2015

On Sunday, June 14, the Rev. Howell Lind gave his final sermon as Developmental Minister of UUCB, wrapping up a highly successful seven years of ministry.

After service, the Sky Room was overflowing with people celebrating Howell’s contributions to our church.  Howell survived a few minutes in the spotlight and opened several gifts, which included a vintage hat band, a framed map of the Front Range mountains, and a photo memory book.

Snacks, cake, and conversation were enjoyed by all, and many congregants filled out personal cards to Howell and signed the photo memory book.

Special thanks to the volunteers Anne McMullen, Barb Richards, Diana Maiden, Gen Morley, Grace Ireland, Helen McGrath, Hilton Fitt-Peaster, Jason English, Sharon Belew, and Suzy Belmont, as well as the dozens of UUCB members who contributed toward the gifts.

We say goodbye to Howell with fondness, love, and gratitude for everything he has done for UUCB, and we wish him best in his next adventure!

Reflecting on the Journey   Robert Bushnell   DSC_9096  Howells gifts 5

All Church Weekend at Highlands Camp near Allenspark

Retreat 2014 Last year’s retreat

Aug 21-23, 2015 (Friday 4pm to Sunday 1pm).  Our congregation is returning to Highlands Camp and Retreat Center near Allenspark, Colorado for a weekend retreat.

Registration is open.  Please register soon:

  1. on-line at
  2. or in the Sky Room after service through May,
  3. or by paper registration – available on request.


  • Our members along with our new minister will be providing a variety workshops and activities – details on the website. Sign-ups will begin after services in later July.

 The Camp provides great outdoor activities and access to beautiful hikes. We will plan hikes and games and lots of outdoor fun. The camp offers several activities for us: their challenge course looks like fun for ages 8 and up. They offer archery and canoeing for all ages and their zip line is available to ages 13 and up. We will have a kids’ programs running concurrently with adult programs and many will be multi-generational.


We can choose from one of 3 ways to stay at Highlands.

  • They have a beautiful Retreat Center with rooms accommodating 3-6 people in twin beds (and a few queen beds) with private bathrooms.
  • They have 3 rustic log cabins reserved for us, each with 20-24 beds. These have central living rooms, multiple bedrooms, and shared bathrooms.
  • And the third option for a limited number of tents – they’ve designated several sites where we can cluster tents; tenters will use bathrooms in the Retreat Center.

August 21-23:

Plan to join us for community, connection, fun and food in this beautiful mountain environment. Highlands Camp is about 35 miles (about an hour drive from Boulder).  We will gather between 4 and 6pm on Friday at the camp and then share an evening meal, then some music and games. On Saturday we will have numerous activities and workshops for all, and 3 meals. Sunday will include breakfast, more community fun, a service before lunch, and parting shortly after lunch.

Task Force:

Our task force is busy scheduling workshops and activities for all ages. More detailed information is available on the registration form which is linked to our church website. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns you are welcome to contact any one of us. Task Force Members include: Whitney Wheeless, Mary Clough, Jason English, Ed Self, Nicole deLormier, Helen McGrath, Dianne Ewing, and Heidi Todd.

We look forward to a fabulous retreat! Please plan to attend this August 21-23!

details and video of last year’s retreat at:

On the Path: Musings of a Summer Minister – Diana McLean

Diana M

I’m beginning to think of this as The Summer of Many Transitions. There’s a lot going on in our shared life over the next few months, all of it exciting!

This is my first newsletter column as your Summer Minister rather than your Ministerial Intern. My next column, in August’s newsletter, will be my farewell to you, and in the same issue you’ll be welcoming Rev. Kelly Dignan as your new settled minister. Her first Sunday here will be August 16th.

On that same day, I’ll be preaching my first sermon at the Greeley church, in my new role as Assistant Minister serving both the Greeley and Foothills congregations. My growth into that position wouldn’t have happened without the learning I’ve done here, with you, and I am deeply grateful to all of you for that. You have, in a very real sense, launched me into my ministry. It’s a special blessing to be able to serve you this summer before heading elsewhere.

My job as your Summer Minister is two-fold: to be here for you, both in the pulpit many Sundays and in the office for reduced summer office hours, and to provide a smooth transition period between Howell’s departure in June and Kelly’s arrival in August.

Summer may seem like a slow time in the life of a church—and in some ways it is, as many members are traveling and fewer groups are holding meetings—but behind the scenes, both church staff and lay leadership are already working to make next year a phenomenal one as UUCB begins its shared ministry with Kelly, within and beyond the walls of the church.

Whatever your individual summers hold, may they contain joy, relaxation, and a sense of adventure and anticipation about what comes next!

President’s Column – Caitlin Moore

Caitlin MooreWhen was the Last Time you did Something for the First Time?

Saying good-bye back in June to the Rev. Howell Lind after seven years of service with us was more difficult than I anticipated. I know I will see him again. After all, he is the Interim Minister at the Foothills Unitarian Church in Ft. Collins; however, it hit me that Howell would not be our Developmental Minister anymore.

A lot happened at UUCB during his tenure. We became a teaching church almost immediately, working in fellowship with Gretchen Haley, Kelly Dignan, Amy Rowland, and Diana McLean. We have a thriving young adult community. We have been introduced to and most certainly use the Mindful Meeting format at beginning of almost all of our Council/Committee meetings. Our Social Justice Council continues to engage the world: Our immigration ministry went to Nogales, Mexico and holds vigils at the ICE detention center in Aurora; we walk in solidarity Standing on the Side of Love on the Denver Capital steps; we will soon be designated as a Green Sanctuary; our garden grows beautiful as a reminder of the importance of Mother Earth; our Climate Change Ministry continues to remind us of our responsibilities and to make us better stewards of our planet, and we are starting to engage in our community with Black Lives Matter. In all of this, a Spiritual presence resides.

We’ve done some of this in the past, but some of this is new to us. Yes, I have plenty of other memories with Howell: cigars, bulldozers, weddings, fatherly advice. My recent memory of Howell was the Flower Communion at UUCB, where we all exchanged flowers, shed a few tears, and had a celebration in the Sky Room with the giving of presents, signing of cards. When I looked up, he was gone.

Diana McLean will be our Summer Minister. Diana has preached regularly for some time now, but not as an official Minister. I’ll always remember shedding tears about her fish story delivered from the pulpit recently. I have learned that Diana is an excellent blogger. She is doing new things for the first time with us during the end of June, all of July, and two weeks in August. Already she has had to fill Ministerial roles such as writing a letter of condolence to the Emanuel A.M.E. Church in South Carolina.

After Diana leaves us, she will be working ¾ time at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley as part of the regional team with Foothills Unitarian Church in Ft Collins. We have been fortunate to have Diana as our Intern/Minister.

Kelly is doing things for the first time also, such as being called as our Settled Minister. Kelly will take us to the next level with her special energy. She has a way of engaging everyone from the pulpit and outside the pulpit. She will be challenged by the goals set in our Strategic Plan (which can be found in the Members Only section on our churches website). She has new ideas of her own for us, and I can’t wait to work with her and see what is in store for us.

What new thing will you do for the first time to Deepen your Faith, Live Well, and Enact Justice?

Membership Matters – Barbara Richards

Richards Barb 

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Continued concern for Marge Maagoe who is still home-bound and would like visits.  Diana Maiden on the recent death of her cat, Penelope.   

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Becky Palmer’s daughter, Stephanie recently graduated from the University of New England and will be practicing as a Physician’s Assistant back here in Colorado.  Ellen and Don Lilley were blessed with the birth of a great granddaughter, Braelyn, on May 31st. To the country of Ireland for voting to change their Constitution, to allow gay marriage, by 62% margin!  All of the Hess Sisters, known to us as, Ginny Black, Mary Jean Ewing & Nancy Holt plus Peter E. & Peter H., who had a reunion, in Argentina, at the home of a woman who was one of their former exchange students growing up!

Aaron Gerber, Will Kropp and Amy Self  as they all finished Sprint triathlons last month — looks like we have the makings of a UUCB  Iron Man team!  By the time you read this, General Assembly – 2015, in Portland, OR will have happened.  Our attendees this year are: Rev. Howell Lind, Diana McLean, Whitney Wheeless, Heather Ogren, Fred Cole, and Barbara Richards.  (other names may be added)

Special Welcome to New Members:  Honored recently, but joined on February 22, Alison Burgess and Sophie Hughes (our two youngest members),  Jaime & Kurt Schlomberg, and their three children, Alex, Violet, and Grace Ava.  We welcomed back Bobbi Himes who re-joined on May 31st.  Carol & Charley Haggans, and their two children Vanessa & Sam, along with Robert Lydic, Andree DuPont, and David Pillmore on June 7th.  Their New Member certificates are the last to be signed by Rev. Howell K. Lind.  We are very pleased that you have joined us.

Random thoughts:  There is a bit of history which may or may not, be in our Archives, but remains in the memories of those involved.   Three weeks after Rev. Stan Stefancic arrived as our Interim Minister in 1994, the Board’s ExCom (VP Paul Reiderer, Treas. Larry Metzroth and Moi as President)  had to tell him that we were approximately $18,000 “in the hole” for the upcoming Church year, with no reserves!  This was enough justification for Stan to have “picked up his marbles” and left.

Instead, his response was; “So we will just have to start talking about money, and what this congregation can do!”  It was the first time in many years that the congregation became openly involved in financial discussions.  The Board “asked” directly from the pulpit — and the congregation responded!  We finished that year, nearly in the “black”. We were also proud that all of our obligations to the previous Minister had been completely satisfied, during that year.

I am so pleased that our current Leadership was as “forthcoming” about our current situation, as they were at the Annual Meeting on June 7th.  This time we have some reserves, but the serious discussion about how this Church moves forward, and the resources required to accomplish our goals, still needs to occur.

We’ve done it before and I believe we will be successful again! Working side by side, and together we are creating the UUCB that I was dreaming of, back in 1993.

Finally, my personal thanks to everyone who contributed time, money, decorations, food and the gifts, as we recognized the end of Rev. Howell K. Lind’s eight years of  Developmental Ministry with us, on Sunday, June 14th.  He was pleased and impressed!

With Love & Care


UUCB Fossil Fuel Divestment: Update

Earth from space

Over the past year, the Climate Action Ministry, Endowment Committee and the Board have engaged in conversations about UUCB divesting from fossil fuels as one way to contribute to building the political will for significant national and international action on climate change.

In April, the Board voted to divest the UUCB Endowment from any funds that contain Carbon Underground 200 companies by June 2019.   This aligns with the deadline set by the UUA for divesting from fossil fuel companies in the Common Endowment Fund.

At the June UUCB Annual Meeting, ninety percent of those who attended voted to affirm the Board’s decision.  There were three abstentions and three “no’s” out of 60 votes.

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