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Climate Commitment Public Meeting – November 16

Sponsored by UUCB Climate Action Ministry

Green SanctuaryUnitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, Monday November 16, 6:30 – 8 pm

Climate Change:  Challenge and Opportunity

Once considered a possibility to be avoided, climate change is now a reality to be reckoned with.  Clear indications of changes taking place in our climate are evident all around us—growing seasons are now over a month longer, fire seasons are more than four months longer, average temperatures have increased by almost 2degF, unusual and often extreme weather events are now increasingly commonplace.

Yet, even as the consequences of climate change become clearer and more daunting, we are now beginning to see this challenge as the opportunity to create new pathways that can stabilize the climate and create a healthier, safer and more broadly prosperous community—both local and global.  Addressing climate change can be more than simply avoiding  feared perils—it can be the call to action that helps us create an even better future.

It all starts here.

Boulder is recognized as a leader in climate action and clean energy development. From the first-ever local carbon tax to Boulder’s recent work to create a low-carbon local energy utility, Boulder residents have consistently invested in a sustainable future. Now it’s time for us to take the next step!

Our first step

Success rests on beginning our climate journey from a shared place of understanding. To this effect, the city and community partners will be reaching out for your help in shaping and refining our community’s climate action strategy, called the Climate Commitment. The city’s draft Climate Commitment proposes short-term and long-term climate and energy goals, and identifies potential roles and responsibilities for the city, community partners and citizens.   Community discussions have begun, and will culminate in a weeklong community-wide working session in mid-April, 2016.

Let’s go!

Lend your voice to this important community process by joining us to discuss how our community can step up to meet this challenge and create the future we want for ourselves and future generations.  Please join us……..

We look forward to hearing from you!

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