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March 2015 Worship Schedule

Earthg203/01         “What Does It Take to Be ‘My People’?”

Diana McLean, Ministerial Intern

Sue Masterson, Worship Leader


03/08         “You Did What?!? – Discovering Ourselves                                                                         Through Forgiveness”

Rev. Amy Rowland, Affiliated Community Minister

Briana Robustelli, Worship Leader

03/15         “May the Road Rise to Meet You . . .”

Diana McLean, Ministerial Intern

Tom Denkenberger, Worship Leader


03/22         “Lessons Learned . . .  and Things I Still Don’t Understand”

Rev. Howell K. Lind, Developmental Minister

Lou Mazzola, Worship Leader


03/29         “Voices of Peace” – UUCB Music Service

Deborah Berioli, Director of Music

Fred Cole, Worship Leader


What We Can (And Can’t) Tell You About Our Ministerial Pre­Candidates

LG_search committe logoThe Ministerial Search Committee has been hard at work the last few weeks, getting to know our “short list” of pre­candidates and beginning to compare their ministerial skills with what you ­­ the congregation ­­ have said UUCB needs in its next minister.

This is deep and challenging work, mostly because our pre­candidates are an amazingly talented group of ministers! We are excited to tell you as much as we can about them. But there are some things we just can’t share ­­ including the pre­candidates’ identities.

In this phase of the Search process, confidentiality is paramount.

The Unitarian Universalist Association is clear in its guidance for Search Committees:

“Confidentiality is not secrecy. The committee must publicize the process it is following and how far along it is at every point. At the same time, the committee must keep confidential both the names and the locations of the ministers under consideration.”

Why? Because confidentiality protects ministers.

Many ministers have not yet told their congregations about their desire to leave. Across the country, 86 ministers are currently competing for 36 full­time positions; many of them will be disappointed. Ministers who don’t find a new position often choose to continue with their present congregation for another year, and having it known that they are actively seeking other opportunities could undermine their ministry. UUCB needs to respect ministers’ right to keep that information private until they are ready to have that conversation with their congregants, and let them do so on their own terms.

Confidentiality at this early stage also will make it easier for our congregation to wholeheartedly embrace a final candidate later on. We do not want anyone to get attached to a pre­candidate based on first impressions, which could create false hopes and lead to division among the congregation if that person is not chosen as our final candidate.

Please know that violations of confidentiality ­­ including attempts by congregants to discover the identity of any pre­candidate ­­ will reflect negatively upon our congregation. Ministers have actually withdrawn from considering a congregation over that kind of incident. We trust that you won’t intentionally put UUCB in that position; in return we ask you to trust us, as your elected representatives, to evaluate our pre­candidates in confidence and with UUCB’s best interests in mind.

Here is what we CAN tell you about our pre­candidates.

Our pre­candidates are an awesome bunch of ministers! The group hails from all over the country and includes both men and women. Our pre­candidates have a wonderful variety of experience in both life and ministry ­­ some are lifelong UUs and born ministers, while others came to UU ministry from other faiths and careers. All have experience serving congregations large and small.

To varying but always impressive extent, each of our pre­candidates excels at skills and qualities the congregation has said are important for our search:

  • ●  Collaborative leadership and commitment to shared ministry;
  • ●  Crafting and delivering powerful sermons and developing the “worship arts”;
  • ●  Giving and supporting pastoral care;
  • ●  Inspiring a spiritual commitment to social change;
  • ●  Fostering family­friendly intergenerational community;
  • ●  Fundraising and stewardship of church resources;
  • ●  And the many other aspects of ministry we seek.

The process of discernment is just beginning.

The Search Committee has only started getting to know our pre­candidates, and already we are wowed by the caliber of the ministers our search has attracted. In the coming months we will engage deeply with each of them to discuss the needs and goals of this congregation, the gifts and challenges they bring to ministry, and how we might grow together if they were called to serve UUCB.

Then the members of the Search Committee will engage deeply amongst ourselves in a process of discernment. Our goal will be to discover which of our pre­candidates is the best match for ministry at UUCB ­­ no easy task, since all of our options are so good!

When the committee has decided on one (and only one) minister to be our final Ministerial Candidate, the need for confidentiality will finally end. We will announce our Ministerial Candidate in early April, and you will have ample opportunities to learn about and meet that person before the congregation votes in early May on whether to call the candidate as our settled minister.

Why will you meet one (and only one) final Ministerial Candidate? More on that next month…

Thank you again for the trust you have placed in us to do this sacred work, and for your continued patience during the coming months of our discernment.

Yours in faith,

The UUCB 2014­2015 Ministerial Search Committee

Jim Rowe (chair), Sharon Belew, Ted Burnham, Jason English, Jenny Fitt­Peaster, Diana Maiden, Barb Richards


Share-Our-Plate Nominations

Share Our PlateIt is once again time to begin considering and researching those organizations that you as UUCB members would like to be nominated and chosen to receive our Sunday full plate offering for a period of one month. The organizations nominated must meet all of the following criteria.

They must, A. Be non-profit, B. Provide services to all Boulder County residents,C. Be non-political, D. Their mission must align with the UUCB’s Principals and mission and E. Allow/encourage UUCBs members to volunteer.


Nominations will be received beginning March 22,2015. Forms will be available in the church office in the S.O.P. mailbox and can be returned there for collection.You can also respond by Email to Sharon Cronk Daudt at for submission will be April 5, 2015. Forms to be collected at service conclusion.

A finalized list will be presented to the board during their April meeting. Once reviewed and approved,a ballot will be prepared and presened for member voting prior to the May all congregation meeting. No nominations will be allowed during this time.

Address questions or concerns to Sharon Cronk Daudt. Good luck to all, this is a wonderful way to share with our community.

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All Church Weekend at Highlands Camp Near Allenspark Aug 21-23, 2015

August 21-23 our congregation is returning to Highlands Camp and Retreat Center near Allenspark, Colorado for a weekend retreat. Members and friends of UUCB are welcome. Registration will open in April.

 All Church Retreat2Now Accepting Proposals for Workshops and Activities:


  • During February and March we are asking you/our members to propose any workshop or activity that you might want to lead. We have a Proposed Workshop Form that can be completed and returned to a task force member or the church office or by Email to Our task force will then sort through the proposals and design a menu of workshops and activities for our young children, our youth, and all adults, as well as multi-generational workshops and activities. We will also provide daycare support for the very young.


  • The Camp provides great outdoor activities and access to beautiful hikes. We will can plan hikes and games and lots of outdoor fun. The camp offers several activities for us: their challenge course looks like fun for ages 8 and up. They offer archery and canoeing for all ages and their zip line is available to ages 13 and up. We will have a kids’ programs running concurrently with adult programs and many will be multi-generational.


We can choose from one of 3 ways to stay at Highlands.

  • They have a beautiful Retreat Center with rooms accommodating 3-6 people in twin beds (and a few queen beds) with private bathrooms.
  • They have 3 rustic log cabins reserved for us, each with 20-24 beds. These have central living rooms, multiple bedrooms, and shared bathrooms.
  • And the third option for a limited number of tents – they’ve designated several sites where we can cluster tents, tenters will use bathrooms in the Retreat Center.

August 21-23:

Plan to join us for community, connection, fun and food in this beautiful mountain environment. Highlands Camp is about 35 miles (about an hour drive from Boulder).  We will gather between 4 and 6pm on Friday at the camp and then share an evening meal, then some music and games. On Saturday we will have numerous activities and workshops for all, and 3 meals. Sunday will include breakfast, more community fun, a service before lunch, and parting shortly after lunch.

Task Force:

Our task force is busy creating on-line registration and planning workshops and activities for all ages. More detailed information will be available on the registration form which will be linked to our church website. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns you are welcome to contact any one of us. Task Force Members include: Whitney Wheeless, Mary Clough, Jason English, Ed Self, Nicole deLormier, Helen McGrath, Dianne Ewing, and Heidi Todd.

We look forward to a fabulous retreat! Please plan to attend this August 21-23!

Reflections on the Journey by Rev. Howell Lind

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently one of my colleagues called me and wanted to know if all the “good things” that he had been hearing about the Boulder Church were true.  I quickly responded (not knowing just what he had heard via the UUA “grapevine”) that “Yes, the Boulder Church is all that and more!”  And then I asked him just what he was referring to. 

He said that he had heard that Boulder was actually engaged in social justice and change and not just “talking the talk” (like many of our Unitarian Universalist churches).  I assured him that Boulder was indeed “walking the talk” and I recounted how our Immigration Ministry has companioned undocumented immigrants, sponsored a BorderLinks trip, attends the monthly vigil at the ICE Detention Center, and how our congregation is a supporting church to First Unitarian Denver’s New Sanctuary Program.

With a sense of pride, I also recounted how our Climate Action Ministry is making a difference in our own community, working with other congregations across the country, and partnering with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, and helping our congregation make the necessary steps to divest our endowment funds from investments that are connected with fossil fuel companies.  I listed the Young Adult LGBTQAI initiatives to helping our congregation get re-certification as a “Welcoming Congregation” since it has been over a decade since obtaining that designation and most of our members have joined since then.

I was on a roll as I recounted the All Church Social Change events of the past several years, our Social Change Small Group Ministry model, and the recent improvements to our facilities to become more energy efficient and how I now see in the parking lot on Sundays more energy efficient vehicles and folks biking or walking to church on Sundays.

I went on and on until my friend called a halt to my list.  He acknowledged that he was impressed and I reminded him that his congregation could do all of the same things that Boulder is involved in, that it just takes folks interested and committed to making a difference.  Boulder has those individuals – folks who are willing to do the hard work to help change happen.

And then we talked about the usual pattern of most Unitarian Universalists talking the right talk but not going to the next step of actually following through with action. We, as a denomination, do have that tendency and we keep our social justice work to an intellectual exercise rather than a heart-felt commitment to truly make a difference by our actions.

After our phone conversation I found myself feeling very prideful about our Boulder congregation and the dedicated efforts of so many individuals to put our values into practice and how together, as a congregation, we are working to change the world by putting our Unitarian Universalist faith into action.

Members of the Boulder Church – you should feel proud of yourselves as well!  We are doing what our faith calls upon us to do.  Feel very, very good about that!







Faith Formation Focus by Janen Wright


I have heard it said that it is the ability to imagine that sets humans apart from other species. It is Henry Thoreau who admonishes us to, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagine.” If you feel like your imagination has not had the space to be very active lately there is good news on the horizon.

On the evening of March 18,th author and artist Ruth Gendler is flying in from Berkeley California to offer a workshop that celebrates the immensity, wisdom and beauty of the imagination through looking at an extraordinary collection of children’s art and writing. Her presentation is called, Befriending the Imagination, and is geared towards parents and educators. (See related article for details.)  Then on Saturday the 21st of March, Ruth Gendler is offering a full day Spiritual and Creative Retreat Workshop from 8:30 to 4:00.  (See related article.)  We are looking for three or more people from our congregation to help with putting this on so if this topic appeals to you please contact me (  and I will give your name to Sheila Brown (of BVUUF) who is gathering volunteers.  (The registration forms will be on our website and at the office counter in March.)


Lately sister churches UUCB and BVUUF have started to imagine the benefit of being more united in our efforts to sponsor worthwhile programs for our two congregations and the larger community.  Both these events are a wonderful opportunity to work together and make new UU friends.  There is strength in numbers and those who discover Unitarian Universalism have two congregations, each with our own unique strengths, to choose from in our immediate vicinity.   We are fortunate that this is the case and seek to strengthen our bonds to benefit both of our church families and those who would be one with us.


Sometimes the thought of being imaginative and creative intimidates us.  (At least it does me.)  Let me share with you some words that I love from Jan Philips from her book, Marry Your Muse.“To create is to make something whole from the pieces of our lives and in the process, to become more whole ourselves, seeing with more clarity each of those pieces, understanding where they fit, how they matter.  It is a healing act, a leave taking from the chaos as one moves from the choppy surface toward the stillness of the center…….. Do not doubt that you were born to create.  Do not believe for a moment that the realm of art belongs only to others.  This is blasphemous—it denies the potential to create, which is your birthright.  Find what brings you joy and go there.”



It sounds to me that Ruth Gendler has the experience and heart to help us “go there.” In her book, Notes on the Need for Beauty, Ruth says, “ Beauty builds and makes connections between the senses and the soul, between contemplation and expression, between ourselves and the world.”   I am looking forward to both these events and hope that you are able to make room for them on your calendar as well.


Janen Wright –Faith Development Director

On the Path: Intern’s Insights by Diana McLean

One of the many gifts this congregation is giving me during my internship is the ability to witness a Diana Mhealthy search process, as UUCB seeks your next settled minister.

I’m not involved in the search process, and do not attend any Search Committee meetings, so I have the same information that the congregation at large has. This is, in fact, quite valuable to me. Just seeing a search from the viewpoint of a congregant is helpful to me as I look ahead to next year, when I’ll be in search as a ministerial candidate.

I see, for example, that the Boulder church has selected highly dedicated and skilled members to serve on the Search Committee, and has a high degree of trust that those members will represent the best interests of the church as a whole during the search process.

I see the engagement of the whole community through opportunities like the meetings with the Search Committee during the All-Church Retreat in August and the Searchlight Gatherings held in the fall.

I see people eager to join the church in time to be part of the important vote to call the new minister, whoever that person may be. I’m particularly pleased that some of our youth who are old enough to join are interested in doing so in time to be part of that vote. This speaks well of the engagement level of our youth, of their commitment to this church, and of this church’s inclusion of our younger folks in our congregational life.

I see the excitement in the congregation each time the Search Committee announces a new phase in the process, such as the February 13th letter and the February 15th chalice lighting talking about the pre-candidates in general terms and explaining the importance of confidentiality as UUCB moves into the final stages of this search.

As I see the Ministerial Search through your eyes, I’m also able to have conversations with Howell, not about UUCB’s search, but about the process in general, getting his insights into what it’s like from the other side: what I should expect when I’m a pre-candidate and then candidate somewhere a year from now.

While I trust that Howell would always have shared this kind of information with me, I wouldn’t have thought of the same kinds of questions to ask him if I hadn’t been so lucky as to serve this congregation during the year you are in search, instead of another year.

Some of you have been thinking, too, about the fact that I’ll be going through this process next year. Some of you have come up to me and talked about things you think I should include in my packet—places and times where you felt I was particularly strong, places you saw me shine. That’s another gift—both your sharing your observations with me, and your commitment to seeing me succeed even after I’m no longer here with you. That’s just one of the many ways that UUCB’s commitment to being a teaching church shows up. You don’t see teaching me as just Howell’s job, or the job of my intern committee, but of the church as a whole—just as the search process is guided by the Search Committee, but is in fact the work of the whole congregation.

I look forward to celebrating with UUCB once your Search Committee announces their candidate to present to the congregation!

Membership Matters

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Ruth Sanders, whose Sister died recently, and who also lost her Father in mid-January. Susan Riederer has recovered nicely from a benign tumor that was removed from her neck.  In January Steve & Sharon Daudt lost both a dear Aunt in Delaware, and an Uncle in Michigan.  Thus, a month of travel for them, to assist parents.  Hugh Matheson had a heart attack and is currently living in assisted care at Fraser Meadows.  His “Nurse Rachett”, Jane Smith is also missing, while offering her support.  Jim Rowe and family on the recent death of his Uncle in Minnesota.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Laurel Etra Seppala and John Etra on the arrival Friday, February 13th of a granddaughter born in Portland, OR.  Paul & Susan Riederer celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary on February 17th.

Special Welcome to New Members:  John Bertin, Nicole deLorimier, Theresa Diaz, Kimberly Durham, Margaret Gelatt, Colleen Keller, Catherine Mercer, Bob Stewart and Emily Valerio.  We are glad you joined us!  The New Members Dinner, on February 18th was a great success — and I think this special recognition event needs to be continued on an annual, or semi-annual basis.  Will Kropp brought the concept, to us, from his previous congregation.

Random Thoughts:  I delivered our January Share-Our-Plate check to There With Care, which was received with great joy and appreciation to all of the UUCB community.  Part of their excitement is due to the fact that; through March 10th, any contributions they receive are being “matched” by an anonymous benefactor.  

Needed — : “A little help from my friends…”  Thank you to those who have already signed up!

Sunday Morning takes many hands to make our experience enjoyable!  It starts with our professionals: Rev. Howell Lind, Diana McLean, Janen Wright, Deborah Beriolli, and Judith King.  Next comes YOU, our incredible volunteers, and this is where I am asking for your assistance.  Needed every Sunday are two Ushers, two coffee “set-up” — and two Coffee “clean-up” volunteers.  I am the Hospitality Ministry Volunteer Coordinator.  In the next few weeks the demands of my work on the Search Committee will increase, along with those of my six favorite new best friends.  Thus my recruiting time is limited. YOU can assist by signing up on the sheet located at the front counter.  Please do so now, you don’t need to wait until I ask.  With my very grateful Thank YOU to everyone who says “YES”!

With Love & Care, Barb

Circle Suppers in March and April

circle supperHost needed! If you’d like to have a pot luck dinner in your home (can limit the number) on Saturday March 7, please contact Dianne Ewing. You set time and place! You could also make it a dinner out at a restaurant (all pay for themselves). It’s probably not a good time for a picnic, but if you have a party room at your apartment/condo complex, the dinner could be there. Watch the Thursday Midweek Messenger for a possible location or a cancelation.

Circle Supper in April.  Join Carrol and Bill Kalafus for an Italian dinner at their home near UUCB on Saturday, March 7. The sign-up sheet will be out for two Sundays before the date.

Cake Auction

cake2It’s time for the annual UUCB cake auction in support of the front range UU ninth grade trip. This year we have 2 UUCB youth attending the trip, Sophie Hughes, and Ali Burgess. Get on your creative baking caps and join us March 15 at noon in the Earth Room, to buy yummy cakes and baked goods to support this annual trip to the Hopi and Navajo reservations.We need buyers and bakers!  Questions? Contact Lisa Hughes.

Befriending the Imagination: A Special Evening for Parents and Educators

GendlerBefriending the Imagination; a special evening for parents and educators

with award-winning, author, artist, and educator

Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities, Notes on the Need for Beauty; Editor, Changing Light

  • Wednesday, March 18, 2015
  • 6:00-8:30 p.m.
  • Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Lafayette, CO
  • Soup supper provided
  • Free will donation. Childcare provided. REGISTRA TION:The human imagination can be considered an essential natural resource – not rare but precious – and it needs our attention to flourish. In this program, author and artist Gendler celebrates the immensity, wisdom and beauty of the child’s imagination. As a poet-in-the-schools for over 25 years, Gendler has gathered an extraordinary collection of children’s art and writing. After supper, we will see and hear selections that celebrate the directness, beauty, and profoundity of childrens’ imaginations. Inspired by their work, we will talk about ways to nourishthe imagination in all of us.

Childhood Religion; Adult Spiritual Choices – A Creative Retreat

GendlerSAT. 3/21/15 8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Childhood Religion; Adult Spiritual Choices – A Creative Retreat

Using unique practices, silence, conversation and writing to honor the past and step onto a future path. How do we give voice to qualities of the soul and questions of the heart with our imaginations?

Registration: $45 (childcare $10) Snacks and lunch provided. Register online at LOCATION: BOULDER VALLEY UU FELLOWSHIP SANCTUARY


$45.00 (CHILDCARE $10)


The Mountain Desert District Annual Meeting April 10 thru April 12th

A Chance to Practice for General Assembly — in June

The Mountain Desert District will be holding its Annual Meeting, April 10 thru April 12th in Denver!

This is an unusual opportunity to participate in the wider work of our UU Association, closer to home, and will probably not be repeated for several years. The site will be at the Marriott Hotel – Denver Tech Center.  Pre-registration is available now at  Details concerning costs and hotel registration can be found there.  On-site registration will open at 1:00 pm on Friday, April 3rd, in the Marriott lobby.

There are a selection of Workshops which will be available, according to your interests.  The Keynote Speaker will be Mark Ewert, author of The Generous Path, who will speak on Friday evening.  He will also lead one of the workshops, along with Rev. Ken Brown, who has some exciting ideas on multi-site congregations.  The Rev. Dr. Sandor Kovacs, from the Hungarian Unitarian Church, in Romania rounds out the list of special guests.  A gala banquet will be held on Saturday evening.

The Rev. Gretchen Haley will offer the Worship on Sunday morning.  I will be happy to talk with anyone about this event.

Fred M. Cole — UUCB Denominational Affairs Representative 

Eating Sustainably: Interfaith Community Supported Agriculture

veggiesTuv Ha’Aretz,Boulder’s interfaith CSA (community supported agriculture) in partnership with Red Wagon Organic Farm, is now taking 2015 memberships. You can sign up for regular or large weekly (23 weeks) or biweekly (12 weeks) shares of delicious, local, organic produce. Fruit, egg, mushroom, and coffee shares are also available. There are also opportunities to contribute funds to support farm workers at Red Wagon Organic Farm and subsidized shares for those in need. Tuv Ha’Aretz members can pick up on Tuesdays at Congregation Nevei Kodesh (1925 Glenwood Dr.) or on Thursdays at Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder (5001 Pennsylvania Ave.).




When you register, please make the connection between faith and food by selecting a Tuv Ha’Aretz share. As a Tuv Ha’Aretz member, you will have the opportunity to volunteer at pick up and support special programming, scheduling that accommodates religious observance, support for farm workers, and shares for those in need. To sign up simply go to For information about Tuv Ha’Aretz, please contact



UUCB Kids Send Love of Earth to Senators

UUCB Valentines - 1 UUCB valentines 2-15-15Earth Guardians empowered UUCB kids follow up:  On Sunday Feb 15 UUCB kids responded to the invitation and encouragement of the Earth Guardians to get involved and make a difference.  After establishing that Senators could make laws and policies that help to protect the earth and that they could help by encouraging them to do so, the kids used colored paper, stickers, crayons and markers to make valentines to send to Colorado Senators Bennet and Gardner.  The greetings were spot on!  Just a few examples: “I care about the Earth.  Do you?”, “Please protect our planet.  We rely on it.” and “Thank you for keeping our air clean. I love Earth”.  The cards will be delivered to the Senator’s offices in Washington DC.  We’re hoping for a response!

Welcoming Congregation

Gay PrideMore than 10 years ago the UUA realized that we UUs needed to be more proactive in welcoming lesbians, gays, and bisexuals to our congregations. At that time, the organization had not thought about gender identity concerns, so the T and Q (and I and A) were not part of initial plans for the “Welcoming Congregation” program. The Welcoming Congregation program was designed then to educate our congregations and to generate action for inclusivity. A curriculum was designed and congregations were asked to review all areas of their organizations—by-laws, religious education, human resources materials, social justice, music, and so on embracing all committees and councils. There was a check list of activities required to receive official recognition as a Welcoming Congregation by the UUA. UUCB was one of the first congregations in the Front Range of Colorado to complete the requirements for official accreditation.

Churches and fellowships were encouraged to continue work in this area with worship services and other activities continuing the work of the Welcoming Congregation. We have had one or more worship service dealing with welcoming GLBTAIQ people to our congregation, but we have not offered a class since that initial time period. We offered a class three times that year with a series of weeknight classes, one time as several all-day Saturday classes, and a shortened class at the All-Church Retreat. We did lots of other things such as reviewing all RE materials to be sure that the people our children and youth studied and learned about were not just straight white men.

We’ve had a group, small at times, through the years that was concerned with the Welcoming Congregation and with working with other community organizations such as Parents and Friends of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered and Queer (PFLAG) and the Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP). The name of our UUCB group has had several changes over time—sometimes GLBT and Allies and other arrangements of letters. The letters are always a mouthful and new letters have been added over time. Now we’ve decided it is just easier to call ourselves the Welcoming Congregation group. We’ll be providing you with some definitions in future newsletters and news of what we are doing.

Join us for a meeting on Sunday, March 1, at about 11:45. We’ll bring snacks to share and talk about a possible workshop for the August UUCB retreat, as well as other items. Watch for the new rainbow flag which will soon hang beside UUCB’s front doors.


Dianne Ewing for the Welcoming Congregation group.

February 2015 Worship Schedule

marade402/01         “Salvation – Here and Now”

Diana McLean, Ministerial Intern

Lou Mazzola, Worship Leader


02/08         “Blessed Are the Children” – Full Church Worship

Janen Wright, Lifespan Faith Development Director

Diana McLean, Worship Leader


02/15         “Letting Your Life Speak”

Rev. Howell K. Lind, Developmental Minister

Danielle Fuller, Worship Leader 

02/22         “Unitarian Universalist Values and Climate Change”  – a Two Voice Message

Tom Denkenberger and the Rev. Howell K. Lind

Diana McLean, Worship Leader

Ministerial Search Committee Update

binocularsDeepening Faith, Living Well, Enacting Justice:  These goals continue to guide your Ministerial Search committee as we move in to an exciting and busy time as our search moves forward.  In early January we began the next phase of our search process, starting with the Beyond Categorical Thinking (BCT) workshop facilitated by Eddy Carroll.  We were thrilled by the turnout, 36 UUCB members and friends who accepted the challenge to examine our own biases and the ways in which they might affect the search process and cloud discernment.  Thanks to this experience, the Search Committee is confident that we are prepared to consider our applicants as complete, complex  people and evaluate them based on ministerial skills rather than our own assumptions. We are now fully engaged in evaluating candidates and will be moving to the interviewing phase over the next several weeks. 

As our chairperson Jim Rowe described to the congregation on January 11th, the numbers tell the story of both where we have been and where we are going.

104:  The number of you that met face to face with us as you welcomed the Search Committee to your various groups and Search Light gatherings…

159:  The number of members and friends who took the Ministerial Search Survey….

11,102:  The words used to capture the character and desires of our church in our Congregational description, known as the Packet—-Please read it on the website (can we add the link here?)…

38:  The number of Unitarian Universalist congregations seeking a full time, settled minister this year…

86:  The number of UU ministers that expressed interest in one or more congregations…..

21:  The number of ministers who have expressed interest in becoming our next minister, nearly one quarter of the ministers seeking a settled parish!

2:  The number of chalices we have lit during the search process. Our second chalice has remained lit to remind us of the important work we are doing and to hold a sacred space for our next minister…

May our hearts be open, our minds keen and spirits welcoming as we evaluate all our potential next ministers and move to our final number, One,  our new settled minister.

Yours in Faith,

The Ministerial Search Committee





Call for Photos in Digital Format

We are again putting out the call to have all of you with digital photos of UUCB activities/events/groups to please put them on a cd or jump drive for us so we can add them to our growing collection.   Of course, the more identifying of dates/events/people you can do before giving them to us, the better!    Many thanks to those of you who have already agreed to send them.

–Tessa Davis, Archives



From the Archives: Artwork by Elsa Deutsch

Do you recognize the photo below?   Do you know where it is in our building? Who made it?   What the writing says?


While we were preparing the slide show for our January presentation to the Wise Elders, Ginny Black and I realized that this lovely piece of artwork, created by Elsa Deutsch, who also made the copper doors and chandeliers, had not been included in the Treasures of UUCB book.  Covered with blue transparent paper, it fills the diamond-shaped skylight in the back of the Earth Room (originally called the Hearth Room and the only socializing space in the building before the Sky Room was built).  If you look closely, you will see that on the bottom is carved the words  “Thus Our Religion Shall Be.”   Make sure to look for it next time you are at church!

–Tessa Davis



Tessa Davis

February Share-Our-Plate: Immigrant Legal Center

Share Our Plate2015 Description of the Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County

The Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015! The Center was founded to help community members address issues of citizenship and immigration status, while maintaining roots in community organizing. As a non-profit the Center provides educational programs for immigrants and the broader community, focusing on the many inconsistencies in U.S. immigration policy and the need for change. As a law office the Center has provided assistance to more than 3,500 clients, and has helped hundreds obtain lawful permanent resident (or green-card) status. Following President Obama’s 2012 announcement of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA,) the Center launched a clinical program to provide affordable legal assistance to more than 350 DACA-eligible community members. With a clinical program already running smoothly the Center is ready to implement the new “Deferred Action for Parental Accountability” (DAPA) program that was announced by President Obama on November 20, 2014. There are estimates that between 20,000 and 50,000 Colorado immigrants may qualify for DAPA. The Immigrant Legal Center intends to be ready for the May, 2015 start date with help from additional community volunteers. Our organizational goal, however, is to provide legal assistance related to a long-overdue comprehensive immigration reform. Thank you for sharing your plate with the Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County, and we would love to talk with you about volunteer opportunities!

Thinking About the UUA General Assembly

This year’s General Assembly will be in Portland, Oregon, June 24th thru June 28th!  This year’s theme is centered on Building a New Way.  Portland is a wonderful city and provides a very welcoming environment to all UUS.  All registration activities will become available on March 1st.

These include; General Registration, Housing/Hotel availability, and Volunteer applications.  An outline version of the program schedule, is currently available at  Volunteer applications must be submitted by April 1st, for consideration.  Volunteers are reimbursed for their General Registration fees, for 24 hours of effort (1/2 time positions are also available, but limited).  This year the General Registration fee will be $350 for an adult full-time attendee.  Addition financial assistance information can be found under Registration at the Website above.

Access from Portland International Airport (LDX), to downtown, is convenient and economical via their Light-rail system.  Additionally, the City of Portland will be providing “free downtown use” of the Light-rail, during our stay.  See Travel, for other options — already on the GA Website.

The Ware Lecturer will be Dr. Cornel West.  He speaks often and passionately about the divides between the “white culture”, and those considered to be people of “color”, in that culture!  His, “…is a legacy of telling the truth, and also about being a witness to love and justice!”

Please visit the UUA Website, or talk to Barbara or me, if you want more information.

Fred M. Cole

UUCB Denominational Representative

Earth Guardians Empower UUCB Kids

Earthg3 Earthg2 Earthg1 

The UUCB Climate Action Ministry (CAM) sponsored a January 25th Faith Development class for our kids, featuring special guests with a message of inspiration and empowerment.  Xiuhtezcatl (14 years old) and Itzcuauhtli  (9) Roske-Martinez, and their father, Siri Martinez visited our classes to teach them about climate change and respect for Nature and the Earth.  They represent Earth Guardians, their international environmental activism organization with Boulder roots.

The Martinezes are of Aztec ancestry, and so began the class with an interactive Native American chant invoking the presence of Spirit for the proceedings.  After showing a brief video, X. and I. spoke about their love of Nature, how that inspired them to take action to protect the Earth, and how each person—even children—can make a difference.  Then our multi-age class joined X. and I. in a spirited rap song, “Be The Change”.  Seeing young people near their age in action totally engaged our UUCB kids for 45 minutes!

Earth Guardians will be the Share Our Plate recipients for the month of April, so the congregation will get a chance to find out more about their activities.

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