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Circle Supper Picnic – September 5   

circle supperEveryone is invited to the picnic on Saturday, September, 5, at 6 p.m., hosted by Sharon Larocque and Dianne Ewing at the Heil Valley Ranch picnic shelter. It’s just a little north of Boulder, west of route 36. Bring a dish to share. Before the picnic you might take a hike on one of the trails there. Check the Boulder County Parks website for trails details. The picnic shelter is near the parking lot, so it is accessible to all. There are restrooms nearby.

Sign up at UUCB or phone either Sharon or Dianne to reserve your spot. If you decide to come at the last minute, bring your own chair, plate, cup, and utensils, as well as a main dish. In case of rain, the picnic will be at UUCB. Sharon or Dianne will phone you that afternoon if the location will be changed, but only if you have signed up!!!!

Circle Supper – August 1

circle supperOn Saturday, August 1, at 6 p.m., Carol Saunders and Reed Bailey invite us to their home near Baseline Reservoir for our August Circle Supper. Bring a dish to share. The grill will be fired up, so you could bring something to cook on the grill. If you did not sign up at UUCB, please call them at 303-499-3731 to reserve your place. Their home has a lovely view of the foothills and mountains beyond. It’s a great spot to watch the sunset! All are welcome!

All-Ages Fourth of July Picnic

circle supper

Pot Luck Circle Supper in July will be a picnic hosted by Shirley Bulla. Outdoor games at 5pm. Dinner at 6 pm. Sign up at the Office or call Shirley at 303-442-6032. Address: 1402 55th St. Boulder. Park in the field behind the house. In case of heavy rain, we meet at UUCB.

Circle Supper Picnics

circle supperOn Saturday, June 6, Dianne Ewing and Sharon Larocque will host a picnic pot luck dinner at 6 pm. Those who sign up can help choose the location—it could be Heil Valley Ranch again, or near Artist’s Point on Flagstaff Mountain, or we could choose another park in Boulder or nearby. Sign up at UUCB or call Dianne at 303-776-0227 to reserve your spot and get the details.
We will also have a circle supper picnic at the home of Shirley Bulla on Saturday, July 4. It will be a traditional Fourth of July picnic at 6 pm. She lives on 55th Street, not far from UUCB, and she has a huge back yard! When it starts to get dark people can move on to their favorite fireworks viewing locations. Sign up at UUCB on the last two June Sundays.

Circle Supper

Circle Supper on May 2 is full, but if you’d like to come, call Karen Morgan, our May host, to see if there have been any cancellations. If you’d like to host sometime, the first Saturdays in the months of June, October, November, and December are open. The summer months are already booked!


Carrol and Bill Kalafus invite you an Italian feast on Saturday, April 4, 6 p.m., at their home near UUCB, 832 Sycamore (right off of Pennsylvania, east of UUCB). It’s a themed pot luck! Bring a favorite Italian dish. Call them at 303 499-0268 by Thursday, April 2, if you have not signed up at UUCB. It would be fun to see your hard copies of photos from Italy or souvenirs, if you have supper

Circle Suppers in March and April

circle supperHost needed! If you’d like to have a pot luck dinner in your home (can limit the number) on Saturday March 7, please contact Dianne Ewing. You set time and place! You could also make it a dinner out at a restaurant (all pay for themselves). It’s probably not a good time for a picnic, but if you have a party room at your apartment/condo complex, the dinner could be there. Watch the Thursday Midweek Messenger for a possible location or a cancelation.

Circle Supper in April.  Join Carrol and Bill Kalafus for an Italian dinner at their home near UUCB on Saturday, March 7. The sign-up sheet will be out for two Sundays before the date.

February Circle Supper

circle supperOn  Saturday, February 7, Helene and Jon Bond invite us to a traditional pot luck dinner at 6 p.m. at their central Boulder home. Bring something you like—if we all bring desserts, we’ll have a sweet evening! They will not be trying coordinate the meal!!!! Sign up at UUCB or call them. Seating is limited.

Circle Supper November 1

circle supperWe’ll have a Dia de los Muertos Circle Supper on Saturday, November 1, at the home of Dianne Ewing in Longmont. Bring a dish to share, maybe something orange (or black, but not burnt!) or perhaps something special for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. You don’t even have to wash off the Halloween make-up from the night before. Costumes are optional, for sure! Call Dianne at 303-776-0227 to sign up. Space is limited. Car pooling advised.

Contact Dianne if you’d like to host a circle supper pot luck in 2015. It can have a theme or not—the host’s choice. The host can limit the size, of course.



October Circle Supper

circle supperDiana and Michael King are hosting our circle supper on Saturday, October 4, at 6 p.m. at their home in the Gunbarrel area of Boulder. Bring a favorite dish to share; this strictly pot luck! Diana and Michael are avid birders and world travelers. If you have not signed up already, please contact Diana to reserve your place and get directions to their home. The address is 7232 Old Post Road. Circle suppers are cooperative meals usually in a UUCB home just for fun. They are open to all UUCBers and their friends. If you’d like to host sometime, contact Dianne Ewing

September and October Circle Suppers

circle supperSeptember 6 Circle Supper. This month all are invited to a PICNIC at 5:00 p.m. at HEIL VALLEY RANCH. It’s just north of Boulder, off of Route 36 to the west. Sharon Larocque and Dianne Ewing are hosting. There are several HIKING TRAILS, from easy to moderate, if you’d like to come early. Some trails are open to bicycles and horses. Dogs are not permitted on any of the trails in this park. There is a very nice shelter with picnic tables, and there are outhouses, but no running water or electricity. You can park near the shelter. CHECK THE BOULDER COUNTY WEBSITE FOR PARK DETAILS. Sharon and Dianne will supply plates, cups, plasticware, water, and other beverages. Sign up at UUCB or phone Dianne. Reserve your place by Thursday, Sept. 4, or if you decide to come at the last minute, bring a substantial dish to share and your own plate, cup, and flatware. IF THE WEATHER IS DOUBTFUL, WE’LL GO TO UUCB. We’ll decide by 4 p.m. and we’ll call you about that time if we move to the church. If you need to know earlier, or think you might miss our call, call Sharon. If you have not signed up, and the weather is iffy, call Sharon to confirm the location.

OCTOBER 4 CIRCLE SUPPER will be at the home of Diana and Michael King. Sign up at UUCB on September 28 or phone them. If you’d like to host a circle supper in November or after that, contact Dianne Ewing

August Circle Supper

circle supperWe’ll have an evening in Italy with Papa Lou’s home-made pasta and meatballs and your Italian dishes on Saturday, August 2, at the home of Lou and Laurie Mazzola in Erie. If you have not signed up at UUCB, call them right away. Space is limited.

July Circle Supper

circle supperSusan and Paul Riederer invite you to a summer pot luck at their home in Gunbarrel on Saturday, July 5, at 6 p.m. We’ll have a wonderful dinner, perhaps with items from our gardens or the Farmer’s Market. Susan makes wonderful felted wool items—such as hats and stuffed dinosaurs, and Paul is an artist. We will see some of the their creations and learn about each others’ hobbies and summer adventures. Sign up at UUCB or call the Riederers. Thursday, July  3, is the sign-up deadline.

For all circle suppers, if you decide to come at the last minute, you might find that there is not room for you and not time enough to organize a second circle supper group. Please sign up at UUCB the week before the meal, or phone the hosts asap if you’d like to attend.

All are welcome! Circle suppers have nothing to do with the small-group ministries. The word “circle” does not mean a formal organization. This is the word we have used for 30 or more years at UUCB for informal shared dinners, usually in UUCB homes, but sometimes in a park or perhaps in the playground at UUCB. The people who attend are a different group each month. Sometimes there is more than one circle supper held on the same date when there are more people than will fit in one home. There is not a formal topic, but there are always interesting conversations. It is a great opportunity to get to know other UUCBers better. Sometimes there is a theme for the meal, selected by the host, but most of the time it is a real pot luck, with the hosts just trying to see that we have a variety of food.


We’d love to have you host in your home or in a park during the warm weather. You do not need to have a large home. If you can fit 6 or 8 people holding their plates on their laps, that will work. If you have a yard or deck with space for a group dinner, that’s really appealing in the next few months. Sometimes we have as many as 35 people, but the host limits the number. We find another host when a group is too large for one home.


June Circle Supper

circle supperInput is needed!! On Saturday, June 7, we have two options for our Circle Supper. One, you could host and choose to have a theme or not. Or two, we could go out together for a restaurant meal. Look for the sign-up sheet with the host or restaurant. Let me know if you would like to host or if you have a restaurant suggestion. We will need a restaurant that can accommodate a group of 10 to 20 or maybe more and that will be willing to give us separate bills. And we need a restaurant with reasonable prices and a menu with various choices, including dishes for people with special dietary needs. Another possibility is we could choose a restaurant with a one-price buffet or choose just two dinners, one veggie, one omnivore, and one or both gluten free and with any other restrictions requested early. Then we’d know the cost at sign-up time and could collect checks ahead of time, so the restaurant would not have to give us separate bills, and we would to have to wait a long time for processing separate bills. Email or call Dianne Ewing with your suggestions for June 7.

May Circle Supper

circle supperOn Saturday, May 3, Ralph Hanson, will host our monthly pot luck dinner. Ralph’s address is 1272 Fletcher Drive, Erie. This is a true pot luck; no theme this month! We understand there is a lovely view from the deck. If you have not already signed up, call him right away. Space is limited. If you’d like to host sometime, please contact Dianne Ewing.

Mardi Gras Circle Supper

We’ll celebrate Mardi Gras on Saturday, March 1, with a New Orleans-style pot luck at 6 p.m., hosted by Julie and Bob Ford in their south Boulder home.  (The official date for Fat Tuesday, March 4.) Get out you beads and your gumbo or Hoppin’ John recipes, and we’ll live it up with our pot -luck meal. If you have not signed up already, call the Fords right away to assure your spot. Space is limited!

February Circle Supper

Carrol and Bill Kalafus are hosting our circle supper on February 1 at their home not far from UUCB at 6 p.m. If you have not signed up already, call them right away to save your spot. Carrol will coordinate the food, so that we have a balanced meal! Carroll and Bill are long-time UUCB members. They can catch you up on our history, if you are new.

Circle Suppers

JANUARY– Welcome the new year with a “Favorite Leftovers” meal at the Longmont home of Dianne Ewing on Saturday, January 4, at 6 p.m. Sign up at UUCB or contact Dianne. Deadline for signing up is Thursday, January 2. Circle Suppers are an informal pot luck meal, usually in a UUCB home. In the summer we sometimes go to a park for a picnic. Sometimes there is a theme, but often it is strictly pot luck. Only once did we have all desserts (many, many years ago)! All UUCBers and friends are welcome, but you must sign up ahead of time. Often space is limited. If you’d like to host sometime, contact Dianne Ewing.

FEBRUARY== On February 1, Carrol and Bill Kalafus will host our Circle Supper at their home near UUCB. Watch for the sign-up sheet the last two Sundays in January.

Circle Suppers–November and December

NOVEMBER CIRCLE SUPPER   On Saturday, Nov. 2, Diana and Michael King invite us for a pot-luck dinner at their home in Gunbarrel. If you have not already signed up, call them right away to join the group (see the member’s directory for phone and address). Deadline is Thursday, Oct. 31. They are UU transplants from Maryland and are world travelers.

DECEMBER CIRCLE SUPPER     On Saturday, Dec. 7, Laurie Duncan will host an Italian feast at her home near Cherryvale and Arapahoe in Boulder. Dig up your favorite Italian recipes or plan to pick up some special Italian treats at the deli counter or bakery. The sign-up sheet will be out in late November.


Circle Supper–October 2013

CIRCLE SUPPER OCT.  5      We’ll have a true pot luck–bring whatever you like on Saturday, October 5. The location is not yet settled, but we will hold the event! It will be a chance to tell our battle-with-the flood stories and reconnect with each other. Call Dianne Ewing for location by Thursday, Oct. 3.

September Circle Supper

Get out your sari! Karen Morgan will host an Indian dinner at her south Boulder home on September 7, at 6 p.m. We’ll have an exotic meal with Asian aromas greeting us! Space is limited, so sign up early, if you’d like to attend. Look for the sign-up sheet at UUCB on August 25 and September 1, or you may phone Karen to reserve your spot. If you are stuck for what to bring, Karen can suggest items and provide recipes. If you have a sari or other ethnic clothing from Asia, plan to wear it and add to the colorful atmosphere of the evening.

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