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Sunday Public Forum: Hope In a time of Eco-Crisis

stuckeyUnitarian Universalist Church of Boulder Rocky Mtn Peace & Justice Center & KGNU Community Radio

Sunday April 13 @ 7 PM Priscilla Stuckey, Naturalist and Author

Hope in a Time of Eco-Crisis: How Shall We Then Live ?

Priscilla Stuckey is a writer, a scholar and an Earth advocate with a passion for connecting people with nature and the author of: Kissed by a Fox Stories of Friendship in Nature 

Sunday Forum: “The Gerda Letters”

holocaustSunday, May 4 at 7:00pm. UUCB

Our special forum for Holocaust Remembrance Week (4/27 – 5/4) 

Dramatic Reading of “The Gerda Letters” by local actor and community leader JoAn Segal.  When hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands, these compelling letters were sent to Gerda from her family in Berlin, Germany.  JoAn was a friend of Gerda and her husband. Holocaust survivor Anita Budding, a Boulder resident, will be part of the panel discussion following the reading.

Millions have read The Diary of Anne Frank and considered the beauty and cruelty of our world and the amazing resilience of human beings.  Our program is presented in this spirit.

A Special Reception will follow.

Special Sunday Forum: Do You Know Who I Am?

Immigration Ministry is sponsoring the Sunday Night Forum, on February 23rd, beginning at 6:30 pm.. This will NOT be in our usual Sunday night format!  Instead we will be offering a series of vignettes, drawn from the MDo you knowotus Theatre production entitled “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”  These short, powerful monologues will be delivered by members of the troupe — as the actors describe their own personal experiences; accompanied by musical interludes. The performance will be suitable for school-age children (that’s why we will begin earlier than usual).  Childcare will be provided, upon request.  A time for discussion, feedback and questions will follow.  Representative Jared Polis — or a  member of his staff, have promised to be there.

UUCB Public Forum: Who Won the Iraq War?


In January 2003, Norman Solomon and Reese Erlich accurately predicted many of the Iraq War’s disasters in their book Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn’t Tell You. There were no weapons of mass destruction; the overthrow of Saddam Hussein would lead to a pro-Iranian government in Baghdad; and the country could face a long civil war. Over the past 10 years Solomon has continued to be one the country’s best known media critics as head of the Institute for Public Accuracy. In 2012 he ran for Congress as an anti-war Democrat in northern California. Erlich has reported from Iraq a total of four times and made numerous trips to Syria and other nearby countries on assignment for CBC (Canada) Radio, the Daily Beast, Global Post, NPR and others. They will discuss the significance of the Iraq War and offer a critique of current media coverage of the region.


UU members and the wider community are invited to join the engaging program of the UUCB Public Forum on April 7. 


Doors Open at 6:30. Program at 7:00 PM Admission Free. Donations Welcome.


A Reception, Book signing, Community Engagement period will follow the program.


This UUCB Public Forum is co-sponsored by KGNU Community Radio, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and Boulder Veterans for Peace.


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