Faith Formation by Janen Wright


These words by one of my favorite authors, Rachel Remen, hang on the wall by my desk at home. “Blessing life may be more about learning how to celebrate life than learning how to fix life. It may be developing and eye for joy. Blessing life is about filling yourself up so that your blessings overflow onto others.” … Continued

“Share Your Passion”

Dear UUCBers, Summer is just around the corner and starting in June we will dive into our Share Your Passion program. Please look at your calendars and sign up for a date to come into the R.E. wing and share any one of your passions with our kids and youth. In the past we have … Continued


Faith Formation Focus by Janen Wright It is time to create a new Religious Education Teaching Ministry Team for next Fall and to give our teachers, new and returning, space to create community for our kids. I love these words spoken by Thoreau on the topic of creation. “It is something to be able to … Continued


Our theme for March is Liberation. What a powerful word and sought for state! Being a woman, I glory in the liberation of my half of the population and often marvel at how recently these things have come about in our society. Of course we have much farther to go, but as a culture we … Continued

“I Want to Be Better”

This month our church theme is desire.  When I read this poem by Howard Thurman it resonated with me although some of the ways that I would wish to be better are different than the ones he lays out here. I Want to be Better The concern which I lay bare before God today is … Continued

“Resistance: Friend or Foe?”

Our theme to start out this new year is Resistance. It’s a big one. The image of resistance that pops into my mind is that of trying to push open a door that says pull. (How many of us get through this life without attempting that one?) I think we’ve all had situations where resistance … Continued

“December: The Month of Expectation”

As winter sets in and the days grow shorter and colder it isn’t hard to imagine how fervently our ancient ancestors harbored the expectation of the sun’s return. December has long been the month of expectation. Think of all the expectations of salvation and eternal life that are laid at the feet of Jesus whose … Continued


I am very much looking forward to a month of appreciating our UU Ancestors (our church theme for November) because we have some outstanding men and women in our faith whose life stories inspire both young and old. On November 22nd in our Full church service, we are going to invite the spirits of some … Continued