Love Notes by Rev. Kelly Dignan

Love Notes: “Bless You”

Our theme this month is Blessing. What does it mean to be a people of blessing? One of the best descriptions I have found comes from Soul to Soul, a book we often use for Covenant groups, written by Alicia Hawkins and Unitarian Universalist minister, Rev. Christine Robinson. A blessing can be a wish of wellness, prayer, … Continued

Love Notes: The Big Bang

Love Notes: Reflections by Rev. Kelly Dignan I was in the church office with a few folks and commented that I was just about to write my newsletter column. They asked about the theme, and I explained it was Creation. I said, “Where do I begin?” And one person said, “With the Big Bang!” What … Continued

Love Notes: “No8Do”

This month our theme is liberation which is defined as the act or process of freeing someone or something from another’s control; the removal of traditional social rules, attitudes, etc.; a movement seeking equal rights and status for a group. Synonyms include setting free, salvation, emancipation, unchaining, release. I just returned from visiting my daughter … Continued

Love Notes: “Desire for Growth”

This month our theme is Desire. The definition of the word is: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Synonyms are: wish, lust, passion; to long for, to yearn for, to crave. Buddhists say that desire can lead to greed and attachment, and both of those can result in suffering and … Continued

Love Notes: “Resisting What We Need”

A friend of mine has a four-year-old who loves to play in the snow, but when it is time to get ready to go outside, he resists putting on gloves. The snow suit, boots, and hat are just fine, but he doesn’t like those gloves. Without fail, he plays for a few minutes, begins to … Continued

Love Notes: “Expectation in the Holiday Season”

What does it mean to be a people of expectation? That is what we’ll explore together this month. The definition of expectation is: a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen; a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., someone or something will be. Synonyms are: anticipation, assumption, hope, probability, belief … Continued

Love Notes: “Choosing Our Ancestors”

Thanks to Rev. Scott Tayler for inspiring this reflection. Ancestry is our theme this month, and together we will explore what it means to be a people of ancestry. American writer, Ralph Ellison, says, “Some people are your relatives but others are your ancestors, and you choose the ones you want to have as ancestors. … Continued