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Love Notes: What Should We Do?

I am amazed at how many decisions get made on a weekly basis at our church. Large and small, decisions are made by teams of committed volunteers so that our church can live its mission. In October, a decision will be made, and the processes will involve more than just a few people or a … Continued

Faith Formation Focus: On Words

I didn’t make it to General Assembly this year so I went on the UUA website to meet our new (and first woman) UUA President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray.  I was very impressed with some things she said and what I learned about her. I then listened to parts of some Ware Lectures (the keynote speakers … Continued

Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, and visitors   Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Kay Stevens’ daughter-in-law, Pam Davidson, whose father died June 11th.  Babs Herrli asked healing thoughts for, husband, Gary who is recovering from pneumonia.   Helen McGrath, who on July 5th, moved to NYC for at least a year to be … Continued

CLM: Board Proposal for Use of the $115K PRISM Gift

Where the Money Came From As many of you know, the church received a generous and unexpected gift of $114,792.89 in January when PRISM, the CU campus ministry sponsored by UUCB and six other local UU and liberal Christian congregations, disbanded and sold its building near the University of Colorado campus. The proceeds of the … Continued

Sanctuary Now Ministry

The UUCB Sanctuary Now Ministry has formed to assist members of UUCB in discerning our willingness to become a host sanctuary church. The team consists of people from Immigration Ministry and Building Use.  Our job is not to convince you, but to lead you in a process of discernment. The goal is to use our … Continued

2017-2018 SHARE OUR PLATE ORGANIZATIONS, Monthly themes, (Liaisons)

SEPTEMBER  (Welcome) – Denver/Boulder Sanctuary Coalition – Fred Cole       OCTOBER (Courage) – Boulder Shelter for the Homeless – Dianne Ewing       NOVEMBER (Abundance) – Out Boulder – Mary Dineen       JANUARY (Intention) – Boulder Valley Women’s Health – Jennifer Gould       FEBRUARY (Perseverance) – Colie’s Closet – Mary Clough       MARCH (Balance) – Wildlands … Continued

Adult RE Fall 2017

Hi, I’m Lorrie Barnett, the new chair for the Adult Religious Exploration Committee.  We’ve been hard at work coming up with some great course offerings for the fall!  All of the course offerings can be found on our website: We will be holding signups for courses during fellowship times August 13, 20, and 27. … Continued

Listening Project

Last winter, the Racial Justice Ministry launched a Listening Project. The goal was to share personal stories around race and racism. 22 pairs of members connected for this opportunity over 4 months. All discussions were confidential. Participants said that it was a good way to get to know others, deepen connection and practice thinking about … Continued

Love Notes: “Dismantling White Supremacy”

In late May, I got a call from a reporter at UU World, our denomination’s magazine. She knew we had participated in the #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn during our worship service on April 30th. If you were not able to attend that Sunday, you can hear the service by going to our website: Worship/Past Worship Services/ scroll down … Continued

Highlights from The Gift of Imperfect Parenting

  One of the highlights of this past spring was getting to lead a parenting class  on  material that has hugely influenced the way I parent from Brene’ Brown.  The course was audio so we took notes while we listened and paused the CD for lively discussion.  I learned a lot from the different experience … Continued

Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors   Our Thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  The family, and UUA friends of Jim Key, who was our UUA Moderator, leading the UUA Board as well as presiding over the meetings at GA; who died on June 2nd of cancer.  He only resigned this position three weeks … Continued

Annual Meeting Follow Up

Thanks to everyone who attended our UUCB Annual Congregational Meeting on June 4!   We are aware that some of you voiced concerns about insufficient detail and transparency during the meeting. We would like to reach out and say that we hear you, we apologize for this, and we are planning to remedy this. During … Continued

A Message from your Membership Coordinator

  We have had a wonderful year together at UUCB as we have collaborated to Live Well, Deepen Faith, and Enact Justice. It has been almost a year since I joined the church on staff as the Membership Coordinator, and I have been absolutely blown away by the capacity of important volunteer positions that this church … Continued


On Sunday, May 21st, the elementary age RE group worked with members of the Climate Action Ministry and Hailey Hawkins from the Endangered Species Coalition to add plants to the gardens on the west side of the church that would attract pollinators, such as butterflies, bees, and bats – yes, we learned that bats do … Continued

UUCB Climate Action Ministry Members go to Washington

On June 13, about 1000 volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), including 35 from Colorado, met with over 500 U.S. Congressional offices to urge action on climate change.  UUCB members Ginny Black, Jim Dimmick and Susan Secord joined Colorado volunteers in meetings with Senator Bennet and Representative Polis as well as meetings with senior aides … Continued

UUCB Garden and Gardeners

Here are two pictures of the UU garden and gardeners taken May 23. We planted tomatoes, squash, tomatillos, and peppers. Already planted were kale, onions, beets, carrots, and lettuce.   Ed Schmahl (Beth Schmahl’s husband)

Love Notes: “Oh, Happy Day”

One of my favorite movies came out in the early 1990s – Sister Act.  A Reno lounge singer named Deloris Van Carter (played by Whoopi Goldberg) witnesses her gangster boyfriend killing someone. She reports it to the police who put her in the witness protection program at a nunnery with a new identity of Sister … Continued

Faith Formation Focus: “A Zest for Life”

  I have always greatly admired people who have an unquenchable zest for life.  They are the much-needed spice in what can be the bland humdrum of the day in and day out.  Who pops into your mind when you think of someone who embodies this trait (apart from Rev. Kelly)? Mine would be a … Continued