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“Your Board Is Listening”

As part of its annual cycle of planning and evaluation, the UUCB Board of Trustees holds a planning retreat. This January the Board developed an annual vision of ministry along with a set of open questions designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about our congregation’s future. As described by Dan Hotchkiss in “Governance and Ministry: Rethinking … Continued

UU 9th Grade Trip

September 25, 2018 The Religious Professionals (Ministers & Religious Educators) of the congregations who have historically participated in the UU 9th Grade Trip have collectively made the decision to discontinue our participation in and financial support for the 9th Grade Trip. We will enter a period of discernment this year regarding a future district sponsored … Continued

UUCB’s Share Our Plate recipient for October is Intercambio

    At Intercambio, we envision communities where all people communicate, connect and succeed.  In Boulder County, we train over 300 volunteer English teachers each year to teach English and life skills to 1,100+ adult immigrants.  Through these connections, immigrants have the resources to get better jobs, communicate with their children’s teachers, and move their … Continued

MEMBERSHIP MATTERS We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Babs Herrli & Gary, her dearest one, who are thankful for our healing energy.  Her heart surgery in August went well, and her recovery follows the same path. Mary Dineen & Sue Masterson reported that son, Evan has recovered after being hit while on his bike … Continued

Refuel and Go – October 2018

The theme for October is Sanctuary – the practice of finding sacred space within and ensuring welcoming space for all.     Our themes come from a Unitarian Universalist collaborative called Soul Matters. At UUCB, we use the themes in our covenant groups, religious education program (Kindergarten through 5th grade), affinity groups, and even our … Continued

September 2018 Share Our Plate: Boulder Food Rescue

UUCB’s Share Our Plate recipient for September is Boulder Food Rescue Nominated by UUCB Climate Action Ministry Step 1: We work with 28+ local businesses to donate soon-to-expire or overstocked food – primarily fruits and vegetables – that would otherwise be thrown away. Step 2: Our donors load this food into boxes and set … Continued

News: Hack Alert

If you are using a rechargeable Safeway grocery card that was purchased prior to February 1, 2018 please be aware that older Safeway cards have the capacity to be hacked. Your Safeway card should have a picture of tomatoes on the front. If  not, to protect your grocery money please follow these steps: 1) Use … Continued

Right Relationship Boulder

As part of the Racial Justice Ministry’s ongoing support of Right Relationship Boulder, we want to invite UUCB members to support upcoming activities. It is anticipated that there will be between 150-200 Arapaho coming the weekend of October 6-8 to share their culture with the Boulder community and to work in the BVSD schools for … Continued

Stewardship Update, Gratitude & Generosity

We’ve just returned from vacation, perhaps you have as well.  What a pleasure it is to return to a church service, to our sacred space, to be welcomed by our caring community.  How appropriate that this month’s UU theme is Covenant, or coming back, as Rev. Kelly reminds us.     As we come back … Continued

MEMBERSHIP MATTERS We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Family and friends of former member Peg Goldberg who died July 13th in Boulder.  Chris Zanoni’s “brother”, Bill Platt, of my “second family” back in Pennsylvania recently diagnosed with very aggressive form of lung cancer who then died the same month.  Prayers for whole family.  Our friends … Continued

Faith Formation Focus Register your Child(ren) for Religious Education

Hello Parents and Families! Welcome to UUCB’s Sunday Morning 2018-19 Religious Education program!  My name is Rev. Dana Lightsey and I am your Acting Assistant Minister in charge of Religious Education.  Amy Szen is our Office Administrator and is assisting with our program. We are excited to work with you and your children.  It has … Continued

Spiritual Sankofa

If you attended worship services in July you know our theme was genealogy, and we covered a lot of ground!  I shared stories of visits with my German family members who still live in Germany. I described relatives who fought in the Civil War. And I encouraged us all to practice the Ghanan idea of Sankofa … Continued

Colorado UU Music Leader’s Choir Retreat

You are invited to join with participants in music from UU congregations from the entire state of Colorado at the Colorado UU Music Leader’s Choir Retreat on August 24 – 26, 2018. The retreat will be held at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO. Our choral clinician will be Nick Page. The conference fee will be … Continued

Who Should We Feature in 2018-19?

One way to dismantle white supremacy culture in Unitarian Universalism is to feature a Unitarian Universalist Person of Color for a year. Last year we spotlighted Frances E. W. Harper. Who should we feature this year? Must be a UU, and must be a Person of Color!  This link could get you started. Submit your … Continued

Call for Poets!

On  September 23, our worship services will be “Poetry that Deepens Faith.” Rev. Kelly will select 6-8 people to share a poem. It can be a piece you have written or one written by someone else. It should be something that has helped you grow spiritually. During the service, you’ll just share the poem. By … Continued

My Little Mountain Preschool

On August 1, My Little Mountain Preschool (MLM) will open its doors to new students – infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  We will be sharing our space with them, and we hope you’ll get a chance to welcome them warmly. The owners are Emma and Miguel Bellera.  We have worked with them to create a set … Continued

Seniors’ Salon: A New Affinity Group

Last spring, after hearing back from some of the forty-five over-75-years-old UUCB members, nine of them met a couple of times and formed a new UUCB Affinity Group.  They named it Seniors’ Salon and declared that The purpose and mission of the UUCB Seniors’ Salon is to openly, respectfully and lovingly share among ourselves relevant … Continued

Welcome our new Office Administrator, Amy Szen

We are happy to welcome Amy Szen, our new Office Administrator! We will welcome her in the worship service on August 12th. About Amy:   Originally from Buffalo, NY, Amy moved to Boulder in May 2018 from Massachusetts. She has a B.A. from the George Washington University and an M.A. in Anthropology from SUNY Binghamton. … Continued

From the Archives…

From its earliest days our congregation has sponsored and/or rented space to local schools, almost all of which have been for pre-school aged children.  MY LITTLE MOUNTAIN, which we welcome this summer, is the most recent. The following article focuses on the very first school, the BOULDER COOPERATIVE NURSERY, which shared our space from 1950-63 … Continued