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By-Laws Changes Underway – Information Meetings

  A Bylaws Revision Task Force was convened over a year ago. Our purpose was to improve clarity, align with best practices for congregational governance, and ensure consistency with UUCB’s current governance practices. We’ve collected our proposed changes, gathered input from the Board and other leaders, and now we want to hear from you, the congregation! … Continued

Sanctuary Now Ministry News – April 2018

In the summer of 2017, more people had claimed Sanctuary in Colorado than any other state. That fall,  Ingrid, Rosa and Sandra and Aracely began to support one another across the miles. As they gathered our communities together, they identified a hunger to name the concrete steps elected officials can take now to Create a … Continued

UUCB Stewardship Update

UUCB Stewardship: Really Great News! And Heartfelt Gratitude! Our Legacy Giving Program was launched with an initial bequest in December, and here we are less than four months later with close to $900,000 bequeathed to UUCB! WOW! Those bequests are to be matched with 10% cash through our Unitarian Universalist Association program; that’ll be close … Continued

Changes to UUCB Staff – Update

March 16, 2018   Dear UUCB congregation and friends, We have an update on staffing for Religious Education. As you know from the letter sent on March 2, we are hiring an Interim Director of Religious Education to start July 1, 2018. An Interim DRE is a specific role defined by the UUA to help … Continued

Love Notes: Reciprocity

Over the last six months, I have mentioned several times a book called Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It’s one of my favorites. In November, I gave a sermon called “Kiss the Rice” and re-told a story Kimmerer shared in the book. She was giving a lecture at a university and a beautiful young … Continued

Faith Formation Focus: The Wisdom of Balance

“What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? You have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. ”  Mark Twain If there is one concept I truly love in this world it is the wisdom of balance. Why? … Continued

Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Vivian Ha’s partner, Nick who is home after being involved in a hit and run accident at Baseline and Foothills, the end of January.  Nick & Vivian were crossing Foothills, on foot.  His recovery estimate is twelve weeks.  To Martha Bushnell … Continued

Pledge Canvass for 2018-19 Begins March 11th

Our annual Canvass begins March 11, 2018.  The Canvass Team includes Andy Burgess, Jim Rowe, Janet and Bob Evans. There are also Canvass Captains who will be interacting with you throughout the month. We create our budget based on pledges that are made by members and non-members alike. On March 11, join us after either … Continued

Building Use Update

The Building Use Committee (BUC) has been very busy this past Fall and Winter looking for a tenant to replace the income that we lost when our previous renter departed. We currently have a prospective tenant who is eager to join us, and we continue to explore all of our options, keeping in mind the … Continued

Scheduling Last Minute Events

While we have a guest in sanctuary, it is important to let the door hosts know who will be in the building, where they will be, and for how long. If you get a request for an event that is happening within 24 hours (or before the next office hours – Monday-Wednesday 10-1pm), please email … Continued

Sanctuary Now Ministry News – March 2018

Ingrid has now been living in sanctuary in our church for over two months. During this time there has been few times of calm, with many unexpected events. We have responded as a church and with the Boulder County Sanctuary Coalition. According to Jennifer Piper, Director of the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, the “honeymoon period” … Continued

Our New Legacy Giving Program with 10% matching cash through UUA!

One way to insure the future of Unitarian Universalism in our world and to support our congregation for future generations: The Si! (Strategic Initiatives) Committee has recently launched a new Legacy Giving Program. For a limited time our members and friends have an opportunity to make a future legacy gift to UUCB that will be … Continued


Did you know that one of the fastest, most cost-effective solutions to our climate crisis comes when we look in an unlikely place– our trash cans!   More than 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions comes from our STUFF, and the way we produce, consume, and dispose of our food and products! By Recycling and Composting– … Continued

Welcome New Community Minister – Rev. Randy Spaulding

At their meeting in February, our Board of Trustees joyfully approved and welcomed Rev. Randy Spaulding as an Affiliated Community Minister.  Randy is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister in his final year of Preliminary Fellowship.  He was raised a Mennonite and served as a  minister in that faith for over 20 years until he felt … Continued

Love Notes: Love Gets Everywhere

My husband, Pete, told me a story about how a house he lived in caught on fire. The fire started in one corner of the basement near the furnace, and it spread quickly up to the next floor. Thankfully, it was contained and no one was hurt. He and his family had to move out … Continued

Faith Formation Focus: The Power of Perseverance

We see the achievements of perseverance everywhere we look. We can see it when a river cuts through rock- not because of its power but because of its persistence.  We can see it in the story of the stonecutter who hammers at a rock one hundred times with no result; not even a crack. Then … Continued

Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors   Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Margaret Gelatt who is recovering from her fall and has moved to the Meridian, where Adrienne Hester also resides and who has welcomed her warmly.  Matt Ball had shoulder surgery on December 18th, and has already returned to church, and … Continued

Online Fundraiser Campaign – Share with your friends and family

To fill the budget gap created by loss of a major tenant and pay for expenses related to updating that building space, we launched an online crowdsourcing campaign using the UUA platform called Faithify, and as of January 29, we hit the goal of $7,500!  The campaign will continue until February 17, so you can still share … Continued

UUCB Merchandise is so FUN!!

Have you seen the table of items available at fellowship with the UUCB logo on them? The Communications Ministry Team has created stamps, mugs, frisbees, stickers, magnets, tote bags, and more, and all of them are adorned with the UUCB logo! The donations received for each of these items will go towards the general fund. … Continued

Update on Fundraising for Rental Replacement and Building Use

You may be aware that when we voted to become a Sanctuary congregation, our long-term renter terminated their lease, leaving us with a $35,000 budget gap for this fiscal year (July 1, 2017- June 30, 2018). We immediately began to fundraise to cover that gap and to cover some of the building renovations necessary to … Continued